Elephant Camp In Dubare, Near Madikeri, Karnataka - India.

This is owned by the government, and here they train elephants and use them for logging etc, or even sometimes when a rogue elephant needs to be trained or domesticated - they are brought here and the rogues are tempered :)

This operates like a military school - wake up at 5:00 AM, break fast at 8:00 and work starts after, rest and then take the tourists around.
Jungle Lodges there can be reserved and people can go on them for fun-rides.
Snap is about breakfast time.
You can feed them too from the other side of the fence.

Majestic creatures and very lovable.
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i suggest a place.... Guruvayoor, Punnathoor kotta, it is in Thrissur dist, kerala...go there and u can enjoy 100 of elephant together..