And I Always Will

Six months ago today, I met El Lagarto. I was fairly new to EP, and had read some of his stories with a mixture of awe and intimidation. Fiercely smart, wit with a straight-razor edge and not one to suffer fools gladly, El seemed to me to be larger than life in numerous ways, and decidedly not the typical person one ordinarily encounters on sites such as these.

On the day we met, I waded into the gator's brackish swamp to comment on one of his stories, fully expecting to be slapped back in my mortal's place by that mighty tail. Imagine my surprise when instead, I received a very gracious PM with not only an invitation to read his book ("Invisible Driving," available at!), but with a nice compliment as well! We corresponded via PM for awhile, and in learning more about him, I came to understand that there was a lot more to this "gator" persona than met the eye. Having an incredible number of things in common, we became fast friends. By the time I'd finished his book, my feelings for him had become much more. And today, half a year later, we are as close as two people can possibly be. El is an extraordinary human being; someone who has faced down the very worst life could throw at anyone in this life and had the immense courage and honesty to come through it and not only survive, but flourish. Yes, I love El Lagarto, my best friend, the man of my dreams; and six months after meeting him, with everything I've come to understand, respect and admire about him, I know I always will.

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Oh my god, this is so freaking beautiful! *squeaks and jumps up and down* I mean, you told me about it before I disappeared, but I had no idea it was *this* perfect. Oh, Nyxie, I'm so happy! *grabs you and whirls you around the room* <br />
<br />
I think *you* are an extraordinary human being, so it's just beyond awesome knowing that you've found someone who can equal that extraordinariness [not to mention, someone who isn't afraid of it {or of his own} as men sometimes are, but I can see we aren't talking about an ordinary man here, which is great :D]. Just... wow. So thrilled for you. For both of you! :D

I wish You Both all the happiness in the world Nixie

Thanks, Ed! We are a true EP couple, no doubt about it. :) I don't even want to think of what my life would be like now if I hadn't joined this place!

I am really happy for you both, I think its great that Ye met on EP, its good to hear positive stories

And I am the luckiest woman alive, so it would seem we're a good match. :)

I agree completely.

I am the luckiest man alive.

Thank you so much, my friend! I know you know just how wonderful it feels to be in madly love with your best friend. :)

Nyx: I am so happy for you! Bigg BIGG HUGGS :-)

This is so nice. All the right kind of drama. El is intimidating and I admire your bravery. I learned to overcome my commenting phobia by sending greeting cards. It's a great way to tame a gator!

And I love you, my magnificent gator. You have transformed my life.

Nyxie: A life has only a handful of defining moments. Your courageous willingness to brave the gator's wrath - (which, even I will admit, can be merciless at times) - changed the course of my life as an earthquake changes the course of a river. I will always, always be in your debt. I love you, Nyxie.

...And they lived happily ever after.