She Grooves Me

Talk about grooving. I didn't care for her well cause I didn't know much about her until she grooved with her audience on her show.

I have this thing with my niece and nephews where we just put music on and dance sometimes. We groove for fun. So when we saw her do it on the show with her audience we were hooked.

I also love her little monologues she does. She's hilarious in such a cute and authentic way. Like its effortless. I'm so happy she got a chance to host the Oscars too...she's awesome.

I don't care if she's a homosexual...she's such an amazing human being. She's bomb diggity. The bomb dot com. She's giving, funny, and can get down too. That's just "version".

ladynau ladynau
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 22, 2008

I love your comments ladynau. Groovin.. it's the jazzzz baby. Nothin like movin to some great music! Good people are people who dance!!! I feel like i know ellen better too since she got her talk show. We can get to see more sides to her personality and feel like we really understand her. I agree with you that a person's sexuality is their own business and i don't care either. I love her for the person she is. If anything, that fact makes her even more compassionate toward others for what she has had to put up with in her life. Amen and amen chikka.. cheers to ellen ! xox

she is it. you are right. shes a great person you can just tell.