Oh Ellen!!

I LOVE Ellen! Her talk show is soooooo funny.  Her old stand up stuff was really funny and good too.  I enjoy her show and I wish I could watch it every single day. I work a lot so I always miss it.  She knows how to relate to almost everyone in any situation and she is very motivating and supportive.  I believe Ellen deserves all the credit she gets and all the awards she and her show has won.  She is amazing, thats all there is to it.
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sorry :( how 'bout a VCR then??

hahah i dont have that either. got rid of it because I never watch vhs's. but my friend said you can watch them all online. so I'll have to check that out.

that was going to be my next suggestion, LOL

but yet you watch Ellen? ROCK ON!! :)

actually I have never watched Ellen, didn't even know she had a TV show; but I will definitely Rock On!

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3 letters.....D V R

i know but I dont have dvr :(