I love Ellen Degeneres- she is a very funny     The    show makes me laugh very much!Ellen has a way of making people happy and she has a wonderful heart. I hope she has a life full of much happiness!

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Ms.Degeneres,i am a 31 years old woman that has 5 children.3 of them mine from a previous marriage the other 2 are my recent husband and i meet through a mutal friend and we even worked together 4 a while before we ever started dating.he is a 40 yr old man that is only living off of 25percent of his heart.he has had 6 heart attacks and 15 stents.14 n the heart and 1 in the leg.we watch ur show every morning.sometimes when he is in the hospital and i am @ home with the children.we talk 2 each other as we watch ur show.we would love 2 be on ur is hard for me sometimes like when they had 2 put him to sleep 2 put n a pacemaker defibulator. we are thankful every time he comes home.we have been married almost 2 yrs and i am loving every minute of it.thanks for hearing our story.sincerely,Mrs Katrina Ball

Thanks my friend shes so very funny!

I love her too, and I guess she is living a happy life with her loved one, great post

You ae right shes very funny-thanks!

You ae right shes very funny-thanks!


I agree Mother-thanks

Yes Pix shes fantastic I agree!

I love her too!!!! Her style of humor really tickles my funny bone!

Ellen is great and soo funny I laugh every time shes on!

omg she is awesome. I cried laughing when she and Jennifer Hudson sang that song in what looked like a bathroom..."And I am telling're not going" Ellen got down. :)

Me too she is so funny I cant watch her without laughing. Its those faces she has too-lol

ha found this one again and still love love love her :)

thankyou friends

ditto here darlin'... and she's just too cute

i love her too ...lily you should watch her talk show...she makes you laugh, dance, sing, cry...she is a lovely warm person and her show is such fun<br />