Loud and Proud Dreamers

hi ellen my name is Dawn and i am proud to say that i am lesbian i have been with my partner shanae coming up to a year now and she is the love of my life, Shanae and i would love to come and watch one of your shows live and have that experience of being on a plane and travelling to a new country because me and Shanae have never left New Zealand and we would like to see what the rest of the world has to offer. i do enjoy singing but i am very shy and only sing around my partner or by myself otherwise i dont sing a note and my partner really would love to become an actor and we would really like to meet you in person cause we have alot of questions that we would like to ask you.

Ellen your are a big insperation to the both of us.

yours sincerely,

Dawn Hika

maorigurlnz maorigurlnz
Mar 2, 2009