Maybe to Help Others

I am number 10 of 14 kids and I will be 75 in July,When I was 15 a man 27 years older abused me for 20 years,until he died,then I came home to help my sisiter with her 4 kids in 1976 my sister passed away willed me those 4 kids ages 6-16 I never had any ,I raised those kids alone ,I worked as caferetia and made $8000.00 a year and those kids got $ 35.00 a month from their mom,I had 1 brother that made down payment on my house because our house had run down so bad,right now I'm still paying for it ,and with all my other bills and my meds I have to borrow my SS from my bank every month to try to make it,and still in hole at bank $1,500.00 plus I owe almost $3000.00 besides that .Have and 1994 van that leaks water but to fix it they would have to pull the motor and I can't afford it most of the time don't know which way to go ,I raised those kids alone and gave up my life for them,naybe this will help someone else.I had a knew replacement in Oct. so not able to work even if there were any jobs.If you could help me in any way God will bless you.Thanks Faye Cutchin 212 N. Church St. McColl.S.C. 29570

Fayec Fayec
Mar 25, 2009