Emotions Dont Happen Just Like That

Hi, Im from New Zealand and really love watching the Ellen Show Monday - Friday its become a habit.  There are days I wake up and look around and wonder  how the hell are you supposed to smile or even laugh today?  Then there are days were you just dont want to go because yesterday  was a disaster and you just dont want to go there again.  What gets me through the day is knowing that when I get home Ellen will be on at 3pm and I can relax and let the emotions go for it. 

I enjoy it because im able to sit back and let the emotions of happiness or tears of joy just flow rather than with-hold it all and bear it.  You seem to give me an angle of releasement and I thank you and youe entertainment for that. You can make so many people laugh so much it hurts and then you can sit in amazement with the talents that Ellen finds to keep  her audience in such awe and bewilderment it just so fascinating. 

All I have to say is keep it up Ellen, you bring happiness to a lot of people that are unable to send you messages or stories like this and many more amazing feelings.  God bless you and your family and carry on the amazing entertainment. :) :)

dinz22 dinz22
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1 Response Feb 9, 2010

Awesome! :)