How Could You Not Love Her?............

O.K., I don't think I've ever met ANYONE who doesn't love Ellen.  You don't really need a reason; she gives us millions every day.  But my personal story and great memories are watching Ellen with my twin granddaughters since they were 2 year old.  They're 6 now, and in kindegarden, but they get home just in time to see you.  They love to dance with you every day, then after your show of course they have to watch Hannah Montana!!  But hey, for you to rate in front of Hannah to six year old girls.......well I think that says something. 

WE love you Ellen; NEVAEH HEATH, KEVAEH HEATH, AND Mary Kay Martin (Nana) 

You are the most loving human being on television.  You're still down to earth and "real".  Don't ever many people depend on you.   :)

marykay1222 marykay1222
51-55, F
Feb 28, 2010