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My Name is Sergeant First Class (Retired), Clareece Rosin, I was put on the Army's Temporary Disability Retirement List on Sept 15, 2008.  I have a combined total of 24 yrs 11 mos and 20 days of  Active Federal Service.  I was injured by a doctor during a routine laproscopic surgery, as a result I ended up having surgery on Jan 5, 8, 10, 13th and Oct 25 2006, I had approximately 13-16 surgical procedures done, I was put in a drug induced coma, I had congested heart failure, respiratory failure,  I had Peritonitis, Extreme Blood Poison, I had a 40% chance of survival, thank God I made it through, I have numerous medical conditions such as Fibromyalgia, Degenerative Disc Disease in the Cervical, Throcid, Lumbar and S-1 section of my spine, I also have Spinal Stenosis and Scolosis, and my Thyroid is underactive, I take a synthetic thyroid medication, I take 3 types of Asthma medication, I use a Feneyln Pain Patch, 30 mg of morphine and Vicodin and I still can not manage my pain, my memory is bad, I have another hernia I need surgery on my stomach, lt knee, neck and back, I can not squat and get up without expericing pain, my fingers and toes are numb and I have sharp stabbing pain, my energy leave my body like a battery that has ran down, I can not clean my home or cook  because some days it's too painful to get out of bed. 

The Army Doctors at Fort Knox punished me for filing a Congressional against the Base Hospital as a result they sabotaged my Medical Evaluation Board and I was given a low disability rating, which is a violation of the Federal Whistle Blowing Act, I have MRI and Cat Scan Reports that contridict the MRI and Cat Scans that was done at Fort Knox, KY which is evidence that my medical documentation was withheld and falsfied, I need a doctor to tell me why I am getting worse instead of getting better, I have 2 cyst on my kidney, and a tumor on my adrenal gland, and the problems with my joints and spine, yet I am not getting adequate medical care or preventative medical care.  I have followed all the Military Procedures and Utilized my Chain of Command all the way to the Pentagon, I need media exposure for the Army to Take Care of my medical issues and to have my Medical Evaluation Board documents written in accordance with Army Regulations and Standard Procedures, I need a Lawyer, I am 4 years behind in doing paperwork for my income taxes because it's hard for me to concentrate, I have not completed the paperwork for my final finance actions with the Army, and 2 Casualty Cases, Travel Pay for 13 months, I also need a lawyer to appeal the Army Decision on my meeting the requirements to qualify for the Soldiers Tramatic Group Life Insurance which will pay me between $25,000-$100,000.

I also need a lawyer to see if I can file a malpractice case against my Medical Malpractice Attorney, because I don't think he did his best to represent me, such as put a clause in the settlement for future medical expenses, I have no clue what the settlement that I recieved covered, I put over 50,000 miles on my car going back and forth to doctors appointments.  I have over 1500 e-mails, and a trunk full of research and medical documentation.  I also have migraines, My husband and I relocated to South Carolina to retire because of the military installation being nearby.  I don't know anyone here in South Carolina and I don't have anyone to help me during the days I can not get out of bed.  I have to put together a appeal packet for the Veterans Administration, and the Physical disability Evaluation Board and Physical Disability Review Agency, I have to prove that my MRI and Cat Scan Reports contridict each other and I need someone to help me do the paperwork, my husband will not help because he is going through Post Tramautic Stress Syndrome after serving 30 months in support of the war, he served in Kuwait, Afganistan and Iraq back to back, then he registered for college, so he don't have time to help me other then go and purchase take out food when I am too ill to cook.  I have been unpacking and getting settled into our new residence since April, It take me a long time to do simple household chores because I spend the majority of the time going in circles and trying to remember what task I was a bout to do.  There are days I can't even spell simple words or I use the wrong word for a definition.

When I had the 5th surgery, the hospital help spilled scalding hot water from my upper thigh to my knee, and my lawyer advised me to accept $60,000 which I netted $40,000 after the attorney got his share, for the Malpractice case again my attorney advised me to take the settlement, which was $475,000 I got $307,000 and the Attorney got the rest, more then the 33% he had additional fees that he charged for example 2 note book binders for $100.00  $300-600 to TD for services rendered, his itemized list is a joke because there are individuals that he paid that I haven't the faintest clue as to what service the individuals performed that was related to my case, what hurt is that the Lawyer got a extra $75,000 and I only got $7,000 of the extra $75,000, I am depressed, hurt, humiliated because I was forced to retire, I lost the ability to function in normal day to day activities, I should have been compensated for lost wages due to my early retirement, and the huge amount of stress from the Army.  I feel like I was punished for being injured, something that I did not have any control over.  I need your help or if you could help me get a good lawyer to overturn the settlement, I don't think my signature on the settlement documents is valid because of the amount of mind altering medications that i take, my attorney should have witnessed my signature. 

For the Burn I signed documents for a $100,000 settlement, then it dropped to $60,000 I requested a copy of both settlement checks and I requested a detailed itemized list of the attorney fees and a explanation of the roles the individuals that was paid for services related to my case.  Please help me, I just want to be treated right, and recognition of the depth of how my independence, energy and mental changes as a result of the medical conditions.  My home ph: (83) 708-3916 cell: (313) 247-0663.  My email: ladyrosin2361@aol.com, clareec.rosin@us.army.mil, Please Help me get Justice and A Fair Compensation for all the damages, pain and suffering, lost of indepence, and pain on a daily basis. I have pictures of me on life support, pictures of my open wound, pic of the 3rd degree burns, Pictures before the surgeries and pictures after.


Yours, Truly


Clareece Rosin


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