I Love Ellen

  1.  I think you are honest and so cariong of others. If I only had someone to care when I was growning up I would maybe be someone importent today Like whoopi Goldberg  , But I'M  no body and will leave this word the same I thought I did what God put me here to do and that was bring Children into the world to carrry on But that didn't work out for either I have two sons that don't love me because of what I know what God chose me to me And I'm proud of what God has made out of me My Oldest  beleaved in a different God then I did thow I thought God was God but not too him my lifestile was no way to him any way I fear him cause I see my father in him every time he reses his voice So he through me out kept all me belongs I mean all even my teeth both tops and bottmons sorry about the speeling I only went to the 5th grade any way my other so 24 just doesn't wont anything to do with he feels i am beneeth him he is better then I could ever be So you see you are a welcome to my heart I see all you do for those who just have it truly hard and go for it and show them that all people aren't mad That why I watch you show so much Thank you for you hope in people and thank you for you smile  Thank you for leasoning if you do read this yourself  Royce Jon Rogers from Dayton Ohio , Please stay you cause your the best

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1 Response Mar 16, 2010

To Royce, I don't want you to think I"m being ugly but I want you to call your chamber of commerce and tell them you need to get yourself together. You need to know where the literacy classes are being held and that you ARE SOMEBODY and if they can't help you, call the churches. If some are holding classes to teach spanish, certainly they can teach you or show you the best road to take. Don't put yourself down anymore because you don't have to be Whoopi or Ellen, you just have to be you. Stand tall, hold your head up and walk because honey, if you are the Lord's child, as you say you believe, then let's face it, you're royalty. The Lord is a King, you're His kid, so therefore, who are you to say that you are a nobody? You are the Lord's child, so who is going to tell Him you're a nobody? Nobody's that brave. So, get up, sign up for classes and show everybody that He put you for a reason and it's not to be a nobody. Get moving! Okay, good luck. Let me know in a month how you're doing. Celfn3