Em And I Are Always In Sync...

When I was 15 and started listening to Slim Shady EP and Marshal Mathers LP I was a very angsty teen that wanted to spray hate at everything. He hated everything I hated. Then he stopped hating on things indiscriminately and chose his battles just as I was growing into realizing there's no reason to hate everyone and everything. Only certain things deserve hate. This would be his years of Straight from the lab EP and Encore.

In between was a strange time of feeling on top of the world, when I was 17 he put out The Eminem Show where he too is on top of the world. Big famous superstar with nothing to stop him from feeling success except himself....

Then... When success didn't come... it was better to turn to drugs, this is also during Encore.

Then the biggest thing hapened: He relapsed into drug problems when I was in the height of my alcoholism and when he put out Relapse I was realizing how my life has basically relapsed, only for the first time, so it was more like a lapse. People hated this album. It's my favorite now.

Then he brought us Recovery, which is whiney and weird. Right now I'm battling with sobriety(lol) and I am in Recovery. His line: "It was my decision to get clean, I did it for me." hits home as I'm spending so much time sober nowadays.

Eminem speaks it like it is for him, he doesn't do it for the world, he does it for him. It just so happens that we share many similarities.
He has been my muse for 10 years now. I don't get like "Stan" about it, dude needs his space.. but in my heart he's up there with Jesus. He has found me in the darkest corners and brought me back to the light... in return I buy every album to keep him from going into any more dark corners.

Recovery album "sucks" because he's a grown man pushin 40 and he has 3 little girls that live with him. He has come close to death and realized that he does give a f***. It's hard to be the same old I don't give a f when you know deep down that you do give a f.

Eminem will be a part of who I am until I die, there's no way from being my mentor for a decade that he will ever be forgotten.
We've learned a lot of lessons together and grown together. Soon I'm going to be a father, what will I do for my daughter or son's sake? Will I put them in danger by spraying hate at people? No. I'll be reserved and quiet and keep us out of trouble so s/he can live a normal life.

Keep writing Em, I'll never forget you.
senmetsu senmetsu
22-25, M
Jul 11, 2010