Em To Me

No artist can I relate to as much. He is the pinnacle of relation for me, musically speaking. He is definitely one of my absolute favorites, and definitely the artist who seems to "get me". Everyone I believe absolutely needs one of those and has one. Everyone has the artist who they rely on. Just a matter of finding them. I have found mine and it's Eminem. Every line...I can relate to. I think the same way, he's given me an incentive to live many times rather than just exist. He is an acquired taste as well. He is completely offensive but so am I therefore he is perfect. But deep down he is a normal person..you can sense it in a lot of The Eminem Show. I love every album for different reasons, Infinite included. I have them all as well and D12's and Bad Meets Evil's albums..  If Eminem is in it I buy it, without hesitation. He is it, man. He's just it for me. Everything he writes is so brilliant. He has beautiful song-writing range. It's ****** up I realize but he can go on Relapse and write "Hello" and describe raping a woman and killing her and then turn around and write "Going Through Changes" on Recovery. Both both written in an indescribably vivid and clever way. You know, he is just an amazing artist.
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Jan 23, 2013