Cutting is my way of getting my anger & Depression out. I honestly hate walking around school with cut marks all down my arm. I'm always buying braclets & make up to cover them up. I try to put happiness in front of my tears. My wall is filled with holes. I never want my friends or family to see me like this. I hate going to the counciler for everything... It doesn't help, I hate always feeling like committing suicide. I know God is right beside me every step of the way.

They say time heals everything....but I'm still waiting.
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I am the same, minus God being with me

You shouldn't cut yourself,I learned with time,that not only heals but it makes you stronger.And in every school highschool or college there are hidden emos.Try to find them.Never cutted myself because I let my anger out and sadness in boxing and kickboxing,try that out,you will feel great after all the anger is out to the boxing gloves or bag

I used to cut until I was forced to stop. Time does heal the pain, but it takes longer for some people. I am emo, but I sure don't look like it. I hope you get better soon.