Emo to Me:

Emo is just another way of saying emotional...Only kid's have made it become a darkness that is so painful only way to go through life is to escape it.

I love emotions, I just am not to keen on the suicidal techniques that most teens Have made emo out to being now adays.

Back in the day these kid's were known as misfits, now it's called Emo.

To me I call everyone who's overly emotional emo..LOL only they're not trying to off themselves.

mexi mexi
26-30, F
3 Responses May 12, 2007

emo so is NOT short for emotional!!trust someone who knows! emo is short for emotive hardcore, or emocore. not to say that emo kids arent emotional, 'cause we are. but thats not what it stands for. anyone who thinks so should check out www.luv-emo.com

Need more yardwork my foot!!!!! We are depressed thank you very much.... welllll... uh... I can give no one reason. Everybody has their sob stories. What emo kids need is some uber-happy techno music and strawberry ice cream. Not work of any form. Sheesh. That's worse than saying people with pneumonia should run around outside in winter with their mouths closed or that people with tuberculosis should inhale fog. (both, BTW, used to be actual remedies)

I have no idea what Emo is. I have noticed a lot of grumpy-looking kids. They need more yardwork .