EMO Guys Omfg Soooo Hott

i love emo guys there so hott..ecspecially when they kiss =)
fallenstar16 fallenstar16
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6 Responses Jun 3, 2007

Hell no! they look like to dirty girls at a grungy bar kissing with their eyeliner, long hair, and painted nails. Sometime I can't tell them apart, and they gross me out at my school. Heres some advice, get shampoo, cut your hair, and wear a shirt from vineyard and vines to attempt to look normal. your welcome :)

Totally and they are amazing in every way ;) <3 Love love LOVE <3

Everything. Hawt.

Omg!! I completely agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They give the best hugs!!But like NO emo guys go to my school!!! I SUCKS

I'm completely out of the music loop. I had to google this to find out what it was. I still wouldn't know the music if I heard it.

They kiss? They don't sit and cry in the corner?