You are mine, my best friend,
The one I can confide in, until the end.
The one who has seen every tear,
Whose hands boldly hold all of my fears.

You are mine, my other half that makes me complete,
Who never lets me feel like I am going through defeat.
You're the one who has always been there,
To show me how much that you truely care.

You are mine, my happiness in me,
Who's opened my eyes and really made me see.
Your compassion and love has shone through the clouds,
Leaving me with no more fears or doubts.

You are mine, an angel for me,
Whose smile is sent to make me happy.
The one who always has faith in your heart,
To make sure that I don't fall apart.

You are mine, without any question,
Giving me lots of hugs and affection.
You are mine, my best friend,
Whom I will always love until the very end!
AlyShine AlyShine 18-21, F 9 Responses Feb 3, 2013

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BloodRedShadow's sister? She is very sweet. I adore her. She will love this. This is so sweet. Thank you for this for her.

Why thank you! Hi hi! :D

Say hi to your sister. I care on her too. Love you, Em. xoxo

Lookie! I can write the first little sentence thingy in Beowulf! :D Hwæt wē Gār-Dena in geār-dagum þeod-cyninga þrym gefrūnon, hū ðā æþelingas ellen fremedon.

Okay :)

You want me to write CAKE on her whiteboard ??

Yes:) do it

She will know;)

Sorry !!!! I say , that was so sweet of you , and ( Emolia ) sounded like a great friend :) and now I wanna add her to my circle :)
That is if she doesn't mind :/

Haha go to her profile and say CAKE and say that I sent you;) lol

I mean > Emolia < !!! :)

I'm confused

Yeah !!! seriously she made me wanna add you right now !!!



WOW !!!! Girl .... That is AMAZING !!! > Emolia < is so lucky , to have a great friend such as you ❤❤

I am lucky. :')

I don't deserve this... :'(

Yes you do^.^

Nuh uh. :(

Uh huhhh

I love you Aly-chan. :') -hugs-

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