Soap Suds Enema With Colon Tube

I had 2qts soapy water and a 30 inch tube, i got 22 inches in very little cramps before the bag was empty i will try a4 quart bag and try to work in more tube.  After i wrote this i have a 36" fr42 colon tube. i mixed up 4 qts soapie wate, i was able to work in about 28" of the tube adding water only when needed then it didn't want to go in easy so i turned the water on i was able to take all 4 qts, I withdrew the tube waited 5 minutes then got on the toilet, after i mixed up 3qts vinegar water with table salt. I used the 30" fr32 tube worked it all in was able to take in  it all The salt made my internal hemorid smart i feel good now. I will mix up an olive oil mixture take it then wait a week before i do any more.

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6 Responses May 5, 2010

just love reading all these enema stories..i find them sexually arousing

I've never tried putting the tube all the way up like that. I know you have to be careful and with lots of lube I'm sure. Interesting and want to try it. Does it minimize the cramps with some solutions? can get more inside? Like some of the comments, I like trying different solutions.

sounds like a good plan

Inserting the tube can be hard by yourself, I do it but it takes quite a while to get it all in. Lub it up work it in 6 to 10 inches add water work it in and out while twisting it. It should go in easy.Its best to have a friend do it for you much quicker.

I find it difficult inserting the colon tube. Maybe I am being too carful.

Great job! Nothing like the feeling of holding then releasing a 4 quart enema