Hospital Enema

I was hospitalised at 8 to have my tonsils out and was quite scared being in this big ward with a lot of other kids.
The first shock was two nurses came and wanted to take my pyjamas down to take my temperature but I did what tehy wanted and felt teh thermometer pushed in. The kid in the next bed said later if I thought that was bad wait till I got an enema and I couldnt understand what he meant.
In the evening the nurses came with a big white can and told me to take my pyjamas off and lay on my side on a rubber sheet which was very cold. I recieved the enema with feeling this huge pain in my bottom and cried a bit and then had to rush onto the potty they had ready.
I did not enjoy the experience but was fascinated later to see another boy get the same treatment.

westy012000 westy012000
Jun 15, 2010