The Warm Fuzzy Feeling

The warm fuzzy feeling starts when i just think about whats to follow. Ive been taking enemas for fifty plus years and have noting but good
things to report. over the years have had several barium enemas and two colonoscopies. once i purchased a 42fr 48 inch colon tube
and eventually inserted it all the way to the caecum. most often let it fill me with about three qts going into the transvers colon.
My secret about the clean colon prep is  to  take  the  generic  peg-3350 in  warm  water  and  then  do  the  colonoscopy  without  any  meds
it  worked  for  me  twice.    all  ok   and  that  after  many  years  of  enemas  and  colonics. this  helps a  great  deal  with  sleeping  also.
jwlgjohnson jwlgjohnson
3 Responses Jul 28, 2010

You are certainly one of the few that can have either the barium or colonoscope without sedation. I know that I was one of few that told the doctor, that I wanted to be fully awake for the entire ride. He very was accommodating but I am told now, that the hospitals will not (allow) one to be awake!? I have not had a barium contrast in a hospital setting though and have always wanted to experience it.

I know the feeling well. It's not something someone can get using one of the tacky plastic Fleet "enemas" that are mostly used today. But I'm seeing some evidence that some younger folk are learning about the Real Thing. I hope so!

I too have had enemas for over fifty years and I love them now perhaps more than when I was young. The theraputic values are too numerous to name and I agree that it one of the best sleeping aids there is.