A Surprise Enema Given

We had arranged to meet at our favorite hotel. The room had a large hot tub and a nice king bed adjacent to the tub. I was wearing only a skimpy black thong when there was a knock on the door. Jenny had arrived. I invited her in and she admired my thong and said she was anxious to take off her clothes and join my nakedness. Her body was beautiful in the low light and we embraced. She seemed too warm to the touch and I suggested she get into bed and I would check her over. Shaking down the thermometer I lubricated it and invited her to turn on her stomach. Gently parting her bottom cheeks, I inserted the thermometer gently into her bottom until only a very little bit showed above her beautifully sculpted bottom cheeks. I massaged her bottom while holding in the thermometer. Gently pulling it out, I read the temp and noted she did not seem to have a fever, but the tip was very full of feces. “Jenny, when did you last have a bowel movement?” “Oh, some days ago. I have been a bit sluggish though”. “I have just the thing to make you feel much better.” I got off the bed and went into my baggage to fetch an enema bag, a nice 4qrt open top model with a large bardex nozzle attached. I prepared a nice warm soapsuds enema and set it up on the floor lamp beside the bed.

Inserting a well lubricated gloved finger into Jenny’s beautiful bottom, I prepared the way for the bardex nozzle. Then lubing the nozzle as well, I gently plunged it into Jenny’s beautiful bottom and then inflated the nozzle. Click! The enema began to flow, and Jenny moaned with sweet surrender. How she loved a nice warm enema!

After she expelled the enema and cleaned up a bit, she got into bed and explored by now naked body. MMMM how we enjoyed this sensuous exchange! “How about an enema for you?” Jenny asked. I smiled and said I am at your disposal.
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Then what happened?