I Am Fan Of The Daily Enema. But I Am Curious

For those of us that do have a daily enema, a few questions:

1. How much do you take in?
2. how long do you hold it?
3. Do you just do a rectal enema, or do you go for the colon?

I typically do a 4-qt enema, and usually, it is a mix of rectal / colon. I have a thin colon tube that I use, and as the water level in the bag drops, I slowly pull the colon tube out (I am scare of putting all 4 qts in my colon).

Additionally, I have a double balloon retention nozzle that I use sometimes, but I find that I can not typically hold in a rectal enema for more than 5 minutes.
Javan Javan
41-45, M
2 Responses Sep 16, 2010

It's a habit I would like to form. But the daily enema can be time-consuming and I may not have the time. Typically, I resist and wait 'til I just really have to have some enemas, then I like to spend a whole day or evening at it. To really satisfy myself, I like to take 4-6 in a session, probably because I don't take enemas regularly (or for regularity either, heheheh, that doesn't have anything to do very much with why I like enemas and take them.) Now if I had someone to give them to me daily, that would be an extra incentive. <br />
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I've seen some comments here from those who fear they'll get "enema dependent" or "enema addicted". I don't see that's necessarily a problem, as long as it doesn't interfere with the life of the individual outside the bathroom or enema den ;-) <br />
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But imagine the pleasure that could be had by having regular enemas from a regular loving partner with whom one could reciprocate. Talk about relationship building!!

I too use a butt plug from time to time to keep it in, but lately, it seems like I can only retain for 5 minutes at most. Guess I am trying to put in / retain too much.<br />
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I have really come to greatly enjoy the expelling of it, it is such a turn on.