Enema Culture

It is interesting to read the wide ranges of opinions on the simple enema. Some look at the procedure with fear and dread while some look at the procedure with anxious anticipation of constipation relief and/or sexual pleasure.

My opinion is that there are simply "enema" families out there and "non-enema" families out there. While the overt prevalence of them has decreased, i.e. you seldom see a big red rubber bag hanging behind the bathroom door anymore, I feel the two cultures are still there and still well defined. That is to say, enemas are still very popular, but methods have changed. The Fleets Enemas are still flying off the shelves and the traditional enema bag has become difficult to find, even in many drug stores.

For many of us the fondness of the simple enema began in early childhood, and had an immediate sexual connotation, but for others it became simply an acquired hygienic procedure for constipation relief and bowel maintenance acquired most times through family practices.

My personal observation is that enemas tend to be most popular among Americans with a northern European, Germanic/Jewish heritage (as is the case with me) but the truth is that the enema culture is wide-spread among the entire population. Like they say, "It is all in how you are raised."

I still have a fondness for the traditional large volume hot soapsuds enemas. It is interesting to note that even though these enemas have been discouraged by many in the healthcare community throughout the years, they still maintain a certain level of popularity. This includes many healthcare institutions as well as many private households. The reason for this is simple. A large volume hot soapsuds enema works! And it works fast! No taking the dose of MOM and waiting for 24-hours to see if, when, where, and how fast it will kick in and work. Life is full of surprises, but I do not want a bowel movement to be one of them!

I still continue to enjoy taking a large volume 2-3 quart hot soapsuds enema at least once or twice a week. My wife does not share my fondness for the enema but is fine with me taking them. Actually, I tease her about taking a laxative and say, "Doesn't that bother you not knowing when or where that will decide to work?" She just laughs and says she is pretty good at knowing how it works. She will occasionally resort to the enema bag but where it is her last choice, it is always my first. Her family never used enemas ... mine did.
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As a child, I was forced to receive potato starch enemas when I had diarrhea from antibiotics. Each morning after a loose stool, I had to lie on my left side on my bed and a small, white bulb syringe was filled with the warm, thick liquid, vaseline was put on the nozzle and , against my will, the nozzle was easily inserted and the bulb slowly squeezed, injecting the enema into me. This was repeated until a small saucepan was empty. Then, I was not allowed to expel it but was forced to retain the enema or I would be given another one. I wanted to expel that liquid but was not allowed to. This was repeated every morning before breakfast for a number of weeks. I hated the forced injection and retention and felt violated, but the tip of the nozzle touched a spot inside that felt good inside and, as the bulb was squeezed, the nozzle would move a little inside eventually causing an erection. I was able to hide it with my pijama, but I didn't understand why a procedure I hated caused me pleasure. A year later, I started to give myself enemas when alone trying to recreate the pleasureable sensation I had felt with those starch enemas. The enemas that i had hated became very enjoyable and have continued to be ever since.

I first heard about enemas around the age of 12 from a friend who had one in hospital before an appendix operation.The idea facinated me and I wanted to experience it, so one day when I was home alone, I took the garden hose into the toilet which was in our back yard and with the hose on a very slow flow,inserted the hose up my bottom and filled my bowel.The sensation of the cold water flowing up inside me,slowly filling my bowel until I couldn't hold any more was amazing,I held it for as long as I could ,then emtied everything into the toilet.That experience had me hooked and I have indulged the pleasure it gives me ever since.
Now when I give myself an enema,I like to seal myself up in double diapers,with plastic pants and plastic bloomers over them.I hold it for as long as I can,until I loose control and I'm forced to fill my diapers.On top of the pleasure of the enema,I have the added bonus of the humilation and sensation of filling my diapers to capacity,I find this a most enjoyable experience.I often fantasize about this being done to me by another person,that would make it even better.
Regards rubberdiv.

Very interesting post. I had never had an enema until I was in my 20's and decided to give myself one. I used a douche bottle and refilled it with warm water and decided to try it 'back there'. Much to my surprise the sexual response was amazing!! So, my interest in enemas came more from my interest in back door play than from a childhood experience.

I haven't received an enema in years. I had a traditional 2 qt enema bag that I purchased for myself after my interest grew, but when my new boyfriend (now husband) moved in with me, I decided to purge my home of such things.

Thinking about it makes me want to buy a new enema bag and bring this back into my life... :)

After researching enema use for many years, I agree with the statement you made about them being used in some families and not in others. My family used them but I know some families that did not. It is my opinion that they allow you much greater control of when and where you deficate. I have no proof of it but I have heard that olympic competitors take them for better bowel control....jimbeauxc

An exceptional wordsmith...enjoy reading about ur experiences..let the warm soothing waters continue to flow for health and recreation....

Mmmm, Yes enemas are the best thing if you are having bowel problems. They are an even Better diversion for something very pleasurable. A Slo, Warm, Comfy enema just cant be beat for a total relaxation experiance.

As a little kid I was always exploring around our house. One day I discovered my mommy's enema bag id a bathroom closit. I had short pants on and I was trying to insert the enema nozal in my butt up one pant leg. My mommy discover what I was doing and said. if you want a emena I will give you a good one. And she did give me very big enemas from that day forward for years with her 3 quart enema bag.

There is definitely a sexual element to enema enjoyment. Anatomically, consider what you're dealing with. It's the same area as a lot of sexual sensitivity is. In particularly, in men, the ole prostrate is right there and gets massaged, pressed, warmed, and generally awakened.<br />
<br />
As for the control/submission experiences, I think that's related to the particular individual's experience with enemas. One could spend a lot of time considering the health motives of the giver weighted against control issues, love issues, parental duty issues, etc. etc.<br />
<br />
I think enemas are used all over the world and there is evidence for their use throughout and before written history. Enema use has been observed in even the most primitive and isolated tribal societies, and there is also a connection to there use in religious contexts. For example, the Mayan leaders used psychedelic herbs and spices in their enemas as part of religious rituals. <br />
<br />
There's so much more available to read, but I'm going long already!

There is a control/submission aspect to it, and the fact that we don't generally talk about enemas and that part of our bodies.

I have been giving myself an enema since 1952. That is a damn long time ago. I still love the enema especially for the side effect of sexual arousal.<br />
<br />
I purchased a douche kit some years ago that is made up of this.<br />
an 8 foot black rubber hose of 1/2" diameter.<br />
on one end, it fits the shower spigot coming out of the wall<br />
the other end is a 5/8" or 3/4" diameter hard rubber nozzle 8 to 10 inches long. It is perforated for douche use.<br />
<br />
It feels great and as that nozzle goes in the back, it is almost like it is coming out the front side. Of course, that is me.