Giving Enemas

My husband and I love to experiment with many things. We had discussed enemas, and after research we decided to give it a try. So we ordered an enema bag and attached a plug to the end makes it all that much more erotic. I made my naughty slave build a stand to hang the bag from, nothing better than making him build his on divice. I only filled the bag half full for his first session. And made him lay there and hold it in for as long as possible. Now after more experience and practice, on him and myself. I use full bags. Its a great feeling to be flushed and cleaned. Its an awesome feeling to be full and hold it while having sex. Makes for a great ******.
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I know.......this is one of the closest things that you will do with each other and you will find that it is a beautiful experience and highly erotic. If you can share in this, ther is absolutley nothing that will make either of you stray away from one another.

Thank you darvis, we are mostly still in the experimenting stages, we have learned though that every thing we do does bring us closer together. Its a great feeling being this close to someone you love.

What you will find is that you and your husband will share in something very personal and very eroitc. The simple means of filling each other up while moving the nozzle in and out of the rectum and listening or attending the voiding of the enema will bring you closer together. You will find the other to be very eroic from that point and in all future sex gathering

My husband has not yet given me an enema via the bag, however I truely love getting my golden enemas.

Does he give you enemas as well?

Yes, it does make for a great ******. He should really feel the water movement on his prostate and respond by shooting ropes of *** all over the place.