Having A Mineral Oil Enema...

I'm writing this story as I just gave my self a full bag enema filled with warm water and mineral oil.
I so love the feeling of the oil inside me filling me up,I have plugged my self with my pink butt plug and am reading some
hot enema erotica as I hold it in for as long as I can.
I do love my enemas...
Any suggestions on any good ingredients to add?
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love enemas

We like just plain water, though we often use a tablespoon of baking soda since that is supposed to make it milder to your systems. I must try the mineral oil. What is your mixture?

I like to use yoghurt or custard

Jojoba oil will make your backdoor very soft and yielding.
Put in an ecstasy pill for a very sexy evening.

An olive oil enema also works well. I use a bulb syringe to inject 6 to 8 ounces of either oil at bedtime, then insert a butt plug and , the next morning, I prepare a warm soapy enema(Ivory or Castille soap), sometimes retaining the enema before slowly filling up with a 2 to 3 liter enema, other times first expelling the oil enema. I need 2 or 3 more enemas to be sure of getting all the oil out. On several occasions, I hurried and did not do a good cleansing and had a bad surprise of felling that I had gas, but instead expelling oil. Also you can try boiling 2 to 3 tablespoons of flaxseed in 2 liters or quarts of water for about 10 min. and letting it cool to 100 to 103 degrees. Then lie down and enjoy. Write me for some more ideas.

I've also leaked oil the next day.

I'd love some more ideas the more the better.

Try some glycerin

Yes, lay on a niece warm pre heated soft fuzzy fleecey blanket and take a niece warm soap suds enema.You will love the smell and feel of the soft warm blanket and enema bag.Just like mommy used to give me.

You can try pure apple juice-I use 2 quarts and retain it until a strong urge to go. Also, you can boil half of a red onion in 2 cups of water for 15 min. and add water to make 2 qts. Also you can use a bulb syringe to inject 4 to 6 ozs. of oil and hold it in for a while, then do a 2 quart soapy water enema. Write me if you would like more suggestions.

I'm interested in some more recipes message me and lets talk.

what recipes would you like ? I'd be happy to talk about ones I have tried and maybe some new ones

So I see you enjoy taking enemas,and safe enemas,but do you like the reasonably painful ones?

I dont like the cramppy ones unless im in the mood.

I would like the recipes of enemas that are and reasonably painful ones.!!! please any ideas that are healthy...and dont lie because i try thies things .. while we are on this subject for about 3 days ive had 14 to 16 inch long think about 8 inch girth solid bowel movements that are so relieving and i when my anus stretched it hurt and that scares me it felt very excited and i dont know why i look and measure corn chips and wheat breat and advacado good meat sandwich and some geggies and green beans . i weigh 187 and i dont want to gain wait .

i also love a good enema, i love a coffee enema as it gives me a buzz

For Holding..Use That Infamous Double Bardex Nozzle .Bought Mine Yrs Ago From The "Original Blonde Beth Tyler Who With Her Husband Ron Set The Scene 4 Enemas With Their Videos & Equipment. Unfortunately they have passed. For ingredients...I've used dr bronner's soaps; ivory soap; soy milk; lemon juice; baking soda; coconut oil; herbal teas..use some salt in ur bag.....please don't use any boos or beer! As with ingredients..don't over do..moderation is safe....I do enemas for health and recreation ....several times a month usually..if am really "stressed out from life's daily challenges"..may do a relax enema once a week..given my hectic "work schedule & aerobics" for this young 70 yr olde recyled retiree..let the warm soothing waters continue to flow.....hope my note helps somewhat!

Take care with what you use in your enemas. Warm pure water is best with salt to normal saline level which is a teaspoonful to a pint. This balances the body fluid.<br />
<br />
There is always a strong temptation to use other liquids and although most of the usual ones, oil, milk and mild soap are safe enough it is possible to set up irritation in the colon and rectum which can persist and it simply is not worth it. Who wants to make a mistake which denies them the pleasure of future enemas to say nothing of the embarrassment of seeking treatment !<br />
<br />
By the way, beware of enema liquid containing alcohol such as wine etc. Alcohol is very quickly absorbed into the body through the rectum and although the prospect of getting drunk through a nice enema is very tempting, resist the temptation at all costs. Once the alcohol is absorbed there is nothing that can be done about it and deaths have been known as a result. Also, once the feeling of drunkenness begins there is the temptation to take another enema and another and so on and in a drunken state the partner could easily pierce the wall of the rectum when using a long hard nozzle. This is virtually certain to cause peritonitis unless hospital treatment is swiftly administered.<br />
<br />
Much better to play a game with yourself or with another where you can role play as nurse or child/parent or therapist or student etc. and pretend different situations and use different equipment and positions. By prolonging the experience added pleasure can be gained. For example, the administrator can say "Now I am going to stroke the catheter back and forth in your bottom to improve the enema. You may not like this but I will add extra lubrication." Of course the "patient" will love this but can pretend to ob<x>ject etc. <br />
<br />
Sorry to appear as a spoil sport but much better safe than sorry!

Thank you Quaips for your great answer, I will just back your answer up and leave it at this 🙏👍