An Embarassing Enema

About 12 or 13 I was constipated and mom told me that she would give me an olive oil enema at bedtime. I had never had that type before. At bedtime, mom told me to kneel and put my head down. She applied some vaseline to my anus and also inside and inserted the nozzle of a white adult bulb syringe inside, slowly squeezing it until it was empty and all the oil was inside. I was sleepy, but she made me stay in this position for 5 minutes. Next, she said that she needed to insert a small soft plastic plug to help me retain the enema during the night. Unlike other enemas, this one gave me no urge to go, so I said ok. Tne point of it was rather small and went in easily, but became larger and somewhat uncomfortable. Mom said that the largest part was almost inside me and since the plug was well lubricated, I could do nothing to prevent its total insertion. As I tried to push against this strange object to expel it, it actually made it easier for mom to finish inserting it and suddenly I felt it slide in as the thickest part slid inside and the plug narrowed considerably until until the fared end stopped it and held it in its place. Once inside, it felt strange, but not at all uncomfortable. Mom said the, in the morning, she or my older sister would remove it and that I had to tell either her or sis when I wanted to go to the bathroom to move my bowels because I would need a soapsuds enema or 2 before expelling the oil enema. I really didn't want a large volume, crampy enema, so I expelled the enema when noone noticed and said that I had not gone yet when mom asked. After breakfast, I went to visit a friend. She was about 2 or 3 years older and we played board games or rode bikes or just talked. Her parents were visiting a neighbor's house. Well, after a while, I felt like I had some gas and expelled it quietly only to find out that it was'nt gas but oil from my enema. We were seated on a wooden floor and, as I got up an oily stain was left on the floor. I was so embarrassed as my friend said to me, "Looks like someone got an oil enema". but she continued saying don't worry, I'll help you. She told me that she received different enemas from her mom especially at the time of her period. She had me remove my pants and shorts which she put in the washer and gave me a towel. Next she said that she would prepare a couple of enemas to clear out the oil in my colon. She insisted on giving me the same enemas she received after an oil enema. She filled a large bag with warm soapy water and gave me 2 soapsuds enemas followed by a couple or rinse enemas and finishing with a really large chamomile enema which she told me she got quite often from her mother. I really enjoyed those enemas and got more from her as time went on until she left for college. Some of her enemas produced an erection and even ***********, which she told me was normal and that she got ******* from receiving enemas rather often,  so I didn't feel as embarassed about my physical reaction.
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I gave my wife an enema yesterday morning. About a quart and a half of warm water. She doesn't like soap or other additives. She lets me give her an enema about once a month. I have told her that she can give me enemas whenever she wants to, but she gives them to me about as often. We've been giving each other enemas for about 13 years. One time, she was giving me an enema in a motel and the cleaning lady came in. My wife, who was also naked, dropped to the floor between the two beds. I was on hands and knees on the bed with the nozzle and most of the enema in me and had nowhere to go. We made brief eye-contact and she left. I saw her again outside later and we smiled at each other. I wonder how many times she'd walked into something like that. Too bad my wife didn't invite her to join us. You can see my stories for some other experiences.

My friend wanted to remain a virgin until marriage, and although her flexible hymen accommodated tampons, douche nozzles and slender g-spot vibrators she allowed nothing else. She had some nursing school friends who enemas, anal ************ and sex and , one day she told me that she wanted to try it. She sometimes used a bulb syringe to inject 6 to 8 oz. of olive oil before going to bed if she felt constipated and always inserted a soft flexible butt plug to retain it overnight. She enjoyed the feeling of it inside and sometimes even went to class with it inside. She had another plug with a vibrator in it. So, being used to a plug a little smaller than a penis, she wanted to try sex. After giving her a couple of enemas to make sure she was empty as well as aroused, and injecting some mineral oil to lube well her canal, the penetration was slow and easy. She loved the full feeling and I was astounded by the tightness I felt all around. When she would do a prostate massage , she would start with her finger and end with a vibrator, never touching my penis, yet the result was incredible, Sometimes she would fill me up using a large bulb syringeinserting and removing the nozzle, moving it around inside until I would come just from that enema experience. I had told her about how I had to accept daily starch enemas from my mom around 7 or 8 when the antibiotics I had to take caused chronic diarrhea . I hated having to retain those enemas and tried to constrict my hole, yet the Vaselined nozzle always entered easily, then I would feel the warm, thick liquid being slowly squeezed inside until the bulb would empty and then be refilled. Yet the short nozzle would touch a spot inside that was very pleasureable. I was forced to submit to those daily enemas which I disliked yet felt pleasure inside and an erection would invariably occur, fortunately concealed from mom by my position of knees drawn up. After college, my friend got a job in another city. Yes, an oil enema(olive is best) should be followed by at least, one and better two soapy enemas, full bag or two. An enema of 2 to 3 oz. of oil mixed with the same quantity of liquid glycerine will both lubricate and cause a rather quick urge to go, Any other enema experiences?

Who initiated the anal sex? How was it for each of you? What was it like when she used the vibrator on your prostate? You both seem to have enjoyed pleasuring eachother. What ended that? Something like your story happened to me just a year ago. My wife had given me a mineral oil enema the night before and I leaked some the next day at work. I was able to go home and clean up without anyone noticing (I think). Fortunatly, I was pretty much alone in the office at the time.

When we were both in college, we had anal sex a couple of times, but mostly she gave me prostate massages with her finger at first then using a vibrator that she bought online. She showed me how to pleasure her g-spot. Naturally we did this while retaining our enemas. The loser had to use a large bedpan and go lying down while the other got to use the toilet. Some of the enema solutions were very crampy and hard to hold inside for any length of time, but we both took the same amount of the same solution and felt the same painful pleasures for as long as each of us could.

So you gave her enemas as well! Did your relationship ever get sexual?

The lubricant injected to insert the catheter caused a certain discomfort when I peed after it was withdrawn but that went away after the third or fourth time that I peed. The injection of the lubricant jelly into my penis usually caused its erection and the slow introduction of the catheter felt strange yet not unpleasant. The enemas sometimes produced a spontaneous ***********, at other times, it was helped along by my or my friend's hand. Yes, it felt strange to pee without being able to start or stop it, but my friend's mom explained that I would not be able to retain the large enemas for the time needed without the catheter . Her mom told me that my friend, her sister, brother and father all had catheters inserted for large enemas. Later, when I was older, my friend showed me how to insert a catheter into her when I would help her with her enemas.

Is there a story to go with the catheter? I always had to ********* after someone messed with my penis.

My friend's mother was a nurse from Spain and she gave her a large distention enema of at least 4 to 5 Liters chamomile with fennel seed or other herbs at least once a month. The enemas were warm and introduced slowly to prevent cramping. She showed me the long colon tube her mother used to completely fill her colon and also the catheter her mother inserted into her so that she could pee without having to get up while receiving or retaining her enemas. I often got enemas at least once a week from her, sometimes 2 or 3 times in a week. Usually she suggested the enema, but sometimes I asked for it. She was always very gentle, but firm about my receiving all of the solution she had prepared for me. The first enema varied, sometimes it was glycerine or sugar and bicarb. of soda(Mayo)or even milk and molasses or honey. The m and m enema as she called it was always 6 to 7 oz. and she injected it using a small bulb syringe. She always insisted on my retaining it 30 min and would let me listen to my gurgling colon with a stethoscope as the gas filled my colon. The last 10 minutes were the hardest, but she would show me how to relax and breathe when the inevitable cramps came The urge to go would grow until suddenly it would gurgle from the rectum up into my colon filling it but relieving momentarily the strong desire to go. . This small enema never failed to achieve a powerful, explosive result during which, my friend would prepare a 2 or 3 liter soapy enema to clean out the first enema. . For this she usually used a douche nozzle attached to a Higgenson syringe or a bucket or fountain syringe. The feeling of the warm, soapy water squirting through the small holes all around the nozzle was incredible. Sometimes, she would use a bulb syringe and I enjoyed the small enema nozzle entering , moving around a little inside while she slowly squeezed the bulb and then coming out of my lubricated hole. The tip of the nozzle touched a spot inside which was very sensitive and pleasurable. She always insisted on giving me rinse enemas until the expulsion was clear. The last enema was always a large herbal enema, like she received, only less, since I was not used to such large enemas.. She let me give her enemas after she showed me how to prepare and inject them. Sometimes we would take the first enema at the same time and see who could retain it longest. Usually it was her, but not always! I also received some distention enemas from her mother, sometimes with my friend helping her, even inserting a foley catheter after getting some lube injected into my penis with a small plastic syringe, Lauer, she called it.

How fortunate that your friend recognized what you needed and was able to help you. How often did she give you enemas after that? Did you ask her for them or did she initiate them?

My friend would usually initiate the enemas and give them weekly, sometimes several times a week. sometimes, she would insert several cold glycerine suppositories straight from the fridge using a lubricated plastic applicator that came with the vaginal suppositories she used like Norforms or the birth control jelly or suppository that she used. Each package had an applicator, so dhe saved a couple to only use on me. At first, she didn't let me see it, but she would lube a plastic tampon applicator and insert it to help me retain the suppositories as they melted. The tampon fely strange, but good as it flared and expanded from the liquid caused by the glycerine. She would have me hold it in for 20 to 30 min. while she would prepare an enema for me, usually a 2 to 3 liter stimulent enemastart cleansing my colon. When my expulsion was mostly clean, she would end with a 4 to 5 liter relaxing herbal enema.The last enema was always warm and slow, usually given with a long flexible colon tube and would sometimes cause me to orgasmas the tube was slowly pulled out.It would relax my colon, so the enma felt very full, but not painful.