How It All Started

  When I was just a child, 3 yrs old I was diagnosed with lazy bowel syndrome,this was in the early fifties,the only remedy then was enemas,my mom would have to give them to me every day,Oh how I hated them,they hurt my stomach,and were very uncomfortable,but mom had no other choice,she was very gentle.I resisted and fought against them.Eventually I accepted them,and then became addicted.By the time alternative cures were discovered,I was already hooked.I realize that this is a taboo subject,but it is the hand that I have been dealt,so I deal with it.If you have any comments,good or bad,go ahead.I would like to hear some feedback.
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I was in love with the enema at age 8. My male 16 yr old sitter and I played doctor and I learned the value of an enema.

I got bulb enemas from my Mom when I was very young. I was born with an intestinal problem that required surgery when I was a new born. Mom usually gave them to me once a day. Then, when I was about 8, Mom changed doctors for some reason and our new doctor told her that enemas were bad for me. So out came the ex-lax, castoria, and epsom salt solutions. I hated all three with a passion. One day, while playing outside our house with a neighbor girl, Mom called me into the house saying that it was time for my medicine. I told Dattie to wait and I'd be right out. When I returned she asked what kind of medicine did my Mom give me. I told her castoria. She stuck her tongue out and said "yuk! my mom used to give that to me, but she had switched to giving me enemas." I told Dattie that Mom used to give me enemas with a small bulb, but her doctor told her to stop and she did. Dattie told me that her Mom had also given her bulb enemas but had switched a couple of weeks ago and started giving her adult enemas with a big red bag. In fact, Dattie told me that she had been given one that very morning and that she really enjoyed it. I was very interested in everything that girl said and decided then and there that I was going to ask my Mom for one that afternoon. Dattie and I played for about another hour before Mom again called me into the house. When I got in I went into the kitchen where Mom was and sat down at the kitchen table where Mom was sitting smoking her cigarette. Mom asked how I felt and I told her I was ok and then I asked her if she knew what an adult enema was. Mom looked at me like I had a screw loose or something. I again asked her when she did not respond. She tried to ignore my question and got up and walked over to the stove. I got up and went over and hugged her and asked her if she could give me one. Mom pushed me away and said "go into the living room and watch tv, son." I was disappointed, but determined. The next day I again asked her. Still no response. I continued every day for I know 2 weeks, when she finally told me to stop asking for such a stupid thing. I teared up and said "Mom, Dattie's mother gives them to her and she likes them!" Mom did not respond. So, I decided that I needed help. The next day I rode my bicycle over to my Mom's mother's house and tried to enlist her help. Grandma was happy to see me and we sat down in her living room where I explained my plight. Grandma listened but did not offer to give me one. I teared up and told Grandma that I had been asking Mom for one for nearly a month. Grandma put her hand on my shoulder and said "son, you had better be careful for what you ask for. It just might not be what you expect!" I pleaded with her and told her what Dattie had said and that I really wanted to try one. I told her the castoria and other stuff made me sick and I hated taking those things. Grandma listened and finally said that she would talk with my Mom, but could offer me no promises. I hugged her neck and left her house and went back home. A day later Grandma came over to our house. I just knew she was there to talk with Mom. I tried to listen in on their conversation, but to no avail. Finally, Grandma came into the tv room where I was sitting and told me she tried, but.... Well, that did it. I gave up. About a month later Grandma came over again. This time she was carrying a sack with a red and black box sticking out of the end of it. She looked at me as she walked through the tv room, smiled, and gave me a thumbs up. I smiled but did not know what was up. A few minutes later she again came through the room on her way out and said "Son, I love you!" I told her the same and she left the room. Later, Mom came into the room and sat down next to me carrying the bottle of castoria, a spoon, and a glass of water for me. I took my medicine as always.... and told Mom again "you know I hate that stuff." She patted my head and left the room. About a week passed and then on a Saturday morning, Mom came into my room early. I was sleeping so soundly that I could not believe that she would wake me up. But she did. She sat on the edge of the bed and started rubbing my ear. I thought it was a fly or something and tried to brush it away. Mom grabbed my hand and leaned down to my ear and said "Son, wake up! I have a surprise for you!" I did wake up and sat up in my bed rubbing my eyes in the process. Mom stood up still holding my hand and kind of pulled me up out of my slumber. Once I was standing, Mom still holding my hand pulled me into my bathroom and once I was in the room I looked at the wall above my toilet and there hanging was a new rexall victoria combination syringe filled and ready for me. I could not believe my eyes. Mom smiled at me and leaned over and gave Mom a big hug and an even bigger kiss. She hugged me back and said, "well, Son, I hope you like it! Now, get over there and bend over your toilet for me." I did as I was told and Mom gave me my first adult enema and like Dattie... I fell in love with them. After I had expelled that enema Mom gave me 3 more that morning. After my enema session was over, I went into the kitchen and asked her why she had changed her mind. Well, she told me, saying that she had gone back to her other doctor and that he had told her that it was ok for her to do it. You know what I have not taken another dose of castoria or epsom salt again. Love you Mom!

I have been taking enemas for about 65 years never thought I was addicted, just enjoy taking them....jimbeauxc

It all started for me when there was a problem is school and the solutions was a soap enema. This was elementary school so I am not sure how old I was 7 or 8 maybe. The ritual was that before taking my nightly bath my mother would bring in a bowl with warm soapy water and a red enema bulb with a black tip. Of course I would be naked and she would fill the enema bulb with the soapy water from the bowl I would be on my knees leaning over the bath tub. She would use a little Vaseline and insert the nozzle and squeeze the warm solution inside me. At first it was a little embarrassing but later I began to look forward to it and would get a hardon when she inserted the nozzle and forced the warm soapy solution inside. My love and fascination with enemas had begun and has never stopped. I really wish I had someone to administer the enema for me it's something that is very intimate and I would love to share it with someone.

I would also love to have some to assist each other in giving enamas.

I give myself an enema every day in the shower. I use the shower hose and have learned to relax my body and let the water flow. I didnt get an enema as a child but learned to Love them as a adult. The hot water prostate dance and my precum flow.

Like sse3h, I grew up the same way. Always got an erection when even the word enema was said.<br />
At age 12, when mom was gone for a couple of hours, I would sneak the enema and give myself one laying in the bathtub. Looking back, I am not sure if I ever put much water in the bag; but that was not really my goal. My goal lay on my tummy.

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my mom gave me enemas as child all the time it was embrassing<br />
she would ***** me put towel down on bed an on my tummy spread my cheeks lube up the tip of the enema an put it in an run the water in<br />
as i got old she gave it to me in the bathroom same way but i was laying in the tube most embrassing is when my moms freind walk in she called down to her im up here given him his enema she came up saw me naked with tube in my *** i had alot of times people walking in on me<br />
<br />
worst was when i was 14 she was given me enema i was refusing im to old she said you are not get undress or i will i said no mom got the hairbrush out an soon i was red an naked getting enema

my mom would give me enema the red bag filled up with the long tube an the big nozzle on end<br />
she would make me ***** an get in bathtube she woudl lube up my tiny butt hole an shoved this tube up my butt an run the whole bag in me she would spank me if i did not hold at least 3/4<br />
i got enemas up till teens years by mom my sister saw many times she only got one or two that i oremember<br />
but now i like the buble syringe enema

I was given an enema by nurses in ryde hospital ilse of wight when 4 for pooping my pantsat home (my mother took me to hospital for treatment, they gave me a high enema and made me sit on the bedpan and do a pop, then be ordered to do another one ,then another one ,etc, all afternoon, saying make it an ooooh one sometimes, when i said a icant they insisted youve got got tom, me little ***** go harder and harder ( i say little, this experience has now given me a huge **** in adult and early teen life) as it made me shag the matress every night thereonafter. I absolutely loved psuing out those turds and peeing like a little girl (sort of, ie water coming out my bum) yet it was long and toturous straiing all at the same time ,but that kind of made it erotic. At the end I was kind of relived to not have to push and poop any more, but the other side of me would have happily carried on doinng it (if you know what i mean)) the thought that I sat on the bedpan strainng ( sort of loving it and hating it at the same time) gives me massive hardons and wanking sessions to this day. If theres any nice girls out there who love enemas, give us a call on 07961 518607 and we could meet up for a bit of it, i live near ringwood

Mother was an old-time nurse. This was during the 40's and 50's Sis and I got them.<br />
One of my 1st memories was being on my stomach and turning my head.<br />
Mom said: "I thought you liked them". Was either inserting the pipe or giving<br />
me one. Recall being carried to the toilet and warm water running out or <br />
suppositories coming out and being re-inserted. Found 2 rubber hot water bottles,<br />
one red/orange, the other black, Armstrong Art Weave, a thin black rubber hose, <br />
a clamp and 2 slip-on pipes, adult, one of each. Also a 32 French rectal Tube?<br />
Heard mother say that in past had a bulb (an infant enema bulb?)<br />
Remember mother hearing someone was sick and needed medicine,<br />
she said: "shoot it up her fanny!"<br />
See what started this. How many did we get? Think I peeked when sis got one.<br />
Do I want to be changed? No.

I reject the concept of enema addiction. Some people like enemas. Some people don't. I like enemas, and I like them quite a bit. However, I do not take them from any attitude that I must take them because I like them. I would rather not have to give up taking enemas for life, but my life wouldn't be ruined because of it. I have periods of time that I take as many as 6-8 in a session; I suppose that seems extreme to some, but I do that because I enjoy the experience, and each succeeding enema feels better than the last. I finally stop either from physical fatigue or just plain soreness. But i'm not some sort flaming enemaniac. <br />
<br />
This business of "enema addiction" is the product of people who don't feel comfortable with other folks enjoying their own bodies a lot.

My sexual attraction to the enema started when I was 8 and my 16 yr old neighbor boy was my baby sitter. We were playing doctor/patient and he got out the family enema to play with. He put the douche nozzle in my butthole and played with my little ******, which got very hard. I loved it and was hooked on the enema for eternity. I still love the enema with a large nozzle given to me while I am laying on my back, legs apart and **** in hand ************.

Naughtygirl, I'm surprised that people haven't jumped all over this! Enema bags are getting hard to find. Good luck in your search. If you are asking for information here, people will be only too happy to help.

One of my best memories is the one of bending over the toilet seat and having my mom fill me full of warm soapy water using the red infant syringe with the black nozzle.

One of my best memories is the one of bending over the toilet seat and having my mom fill me full of warm soapy water using the red infant syringe with the black nozzle.


I have to have an enema to have a BM also (most of the time). I have been constipated almost all my life, and now I have IBS.<br />
<br />
Some people think this is dangerous or unaccepted, but the fact is, whether you are dependent or not, an enema makes you feel better and cleaned out, vs. the alternative.<br />
<br />
If my Grandma's generation used an enema daily, and she lived to be almost 100, they can't be that bad for you. <br />
<br />
Of course, that's just my own opinion. (sorry if I got too boisterous.)

by now you must realize that you are part of a surprisingly large group of maen and women who derive comfort and pleasure from enemas.<br />
<br />
We should be happy that ours is a fetish that is basically healthy, legal, and one that causes no harm. So enjoy.

thank God for enemas miss my mommy got me started me on that road to happyness

I relate to needing enemas from childhood. I got many from my parents. As an adult, my enoyment of enemas for health and pleasure has increased. my mother's enemas were so nurturing and I try to give others that same satisfaction of its beneftis. I have enemas at least once a week.

hi, i do also, about three times a week, just love the feelling

hi hometool here i have used and abused enemas most of my life started fooling around with my moms red bag and large female nozzle and off and on since much more on then off latley my wife knows about my fettish and is supportive but not realy into it yet i hope to change that

Do you mean to say, you can't poop unless you have an enema? Your intestines no longer do the work of pushing your poop out by themselves?<br />
<br />
I didn't know that was possible. I think you need to go backpacking for about a week, bring along a lot of raisins and toilet paper, and have at it. Just you, the raisins, the TP, a trowel, in the backwoods. I think you might then come to terms with your own bowel.<br />
<br />
Unless you're happy with the way things are! But, it sounds mighty inconvenient to me.

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Great to hear your story. I also received enemas as a small kid through age 10. Whenever I was feeling sick, out of sorts, fussy, I got them from my mother. On a few occasions, my father gave them to me. I remember crying at first, but got to loving them.