Sleeping Late On Saturday

When I as in high school, I had to get up at 7AM.  I thought that was early as I usually stayed up till midnight or after, even during the week.  Saturday was my only day to sleep late.  Mom had to work on Saturdays, the house was quiet and I could enjoy the morning sleeping or fondling my ****.  Eventually, word spread with my friends that they could catch me naked by knocking on my door at 8, 9 or even 10 on Saturday.
This Saturday morning I became the victim of a planned attack by three of my friends.  Paul was the first to bang on my front door.  I looked out my second story bedroom door to see Paul looking up at me.  OK, since we had seen each other naked before, I didn't bother to put on any pants.  I went downstairs to open the door for Paul completely naked and sporting a semi-hard ****.  I was greeted by Paul and Harold, the 10 year old boy who had me teach him how to jack off.  Harold was not visible from my upstairs window.  If I had seen him, I think my **** would have been at full staff by the time I opened the door.
Paul enjoyed seeing me naked with a growing ****.  Harold came to me and hugged me.  Paul asked if he could get a hug, too.  I said that would be after we got upstairs.  I locked the door, they removed their shoes so as to not make noises on the metal steps that the next door apartment could hear.  Paul led the way up the stairs with Harold close behind.  By the time I reached my bedroom, Paul was naked and Harold was only clad in his tidy whities.  Harold trusted Paul because Paul was the local Baptist Ministers son and the three of us attended that church.
I had just sat down on the side of my bed when another knock on the door nearly scared the crap out of me.  Who had followed Paul and Harold to my door and wanted to screw up the situation.  Paul looked out the window and saw Jerry, another classmate of ours.  I must make a slight side story here to introduce Jerry.
The two of us, Jerry and I, had planned a trip to photograph the Ice Capades show one evening; but Jerry had not been to school that day.  Hoping he would not be too sick to go, I gathered up the camera equipment and went to Jerry's house.  When I got there, and before I rang the doorbell, I glanced at the window and could see Jerry laying on the couch, face down and his right hand under his midsection.  I did not need to read a book to know what Jerry was doing.  I stood there a minute or two just to be sure I was correct; before I rang the bell.  Jerry jumped up, pulled up his pajama pants and came to the door.  "Oh ****", he said.  He had forgotten about the camera trip.  I told him that I could see that he was occupied with something much more important that that.  Jerry blushed a bit and tried to change the subject.  I described what I had seen and asked him how he felt this evening.  
Jerry said that he had a fever and had a slight stomach ache all day.  After confirming that his mom, dad, and little brother were not home; I told him that I could make the stomach ache go away and maybe even the fever.  Jerry asked if I thought I as a doctor.  NO, I was not a doctor, unless you call me the enema doctor.  I asked if he had taken an enema today.  No, the family had left only 30 minutes ago and he had not thought about it.  I told him that a cool water enema would probably be exactly what he needed.  At this point, Jerry's **** was starting to stick out of his pajamas.
I stroked that **** and said that his body was answering for him.  He agreed and led me back to his bedroom.  He stopped at the bathroom to prepare the enema bag and attach the douche nozzle to the hose.  As Jerry made the enema ready, I ******** my clothes off.  He was surprised to see me naked and with a hard ****.  Jerry removed his PJs and laid down on his bed.  This was not the first time Jerry and I had sex together so he was not a bet hesitant to get naked and receive an enema from me.  With the enema nozzle in place I began to play with his hard ****, Jerry was happy to reciprocate by holding and playing with my ****.  After we each had ***, I released the water flow from the enema bag.  An hour went by before I realized it was time for us to get dressed and cover our tracks.
Now, back to the original story.
Before I could say a damn thing, Paul, naked and with a dangling **** sticking out, went downstairs to let Jerry in.  Harold and I could hear Jerry say, "Well, I see the party isn't over."  They came upstairs to see me laying on the bed with Harold playing with my ****.  Paul wanted in on that and so did Jerry.  OK, guys, I see you had this planned so what is your next course of action.  Paul, Harold and Jerry had all been given enemas by me and they got together to plan on making me the subject of their enema action.
Paul wanted me face down on the bed so he could shove an enema in my ***.  Harold wanted me laying on my back with my legs apart with an enema in me; but he wanted to use a larger nozzle than the douche nozzle and Jerry wanted to duplicate the doctor/patient situation we had done a his home a few weeks earlier.  Now, just how could I refuse such action.  I knew we would be jacking off with each enema and most likely I would be ****** by Paul and Jerry before the day was over.  Paul and Jerry decided to allow Harold to be the first; thinking that he would not have much of an idea to **** me. Paul prepared the enema and attached a large nozzle to the end of the hose.  I have no idea where he came up with that large nozzle' but he said that it would feel like his *** did when I used the douche nozzle on him.  I had no idea that the douche nozzle felt like that to him.  Actually, I liked it.  Harold handled my hard **** and jacked me off.  I was allowed to purge my guts of the water.
Jerry was next with the same enema setup and pretty much the same situation we did at his house 4 weeks earlier  I knew a second jack off was in the immediate future, so I did not object to anything.  Do what ever you guys wish to me, I am going to get an enema, ****** and jacked off; so, please, let's get to it.  I love to **** and take an enema.  Jerry stuck the large nozzle in me and the three guys stood around me jacking themselves off and shooting their loads on my naked body.  Harold was given the honor of jacking me off a second time.  Paul told him to suck me off.  Harold go on the bed between my legs and did exactly that.  WOW, can we do this again next week.
Paul was up next.  Once again I got the large nozzle up my *** with a bag full of cold water this time.  Paul had a new idea for me.  He got astraddle of my chest and had me suck his hard **** while Jerry stroked mine.  This made me extremely hot.  I shot a huge load all up and down Paul's back.  As my *** was coating Paul's back, he unloaded his hot **** in my throat.
OK the three of them had their vendetta on my.  Now, what do we do the rest of the day?  We just continued our sex romp up until 3 PM that afternoon when we decided to get cleaned up.  We cleaned up my room as best as we could, cleaned the enema and associated equipment, each of us took a hot bath to get the *** odor off; then realized we should get the *** odor out of my bedroom.  We opened the upstairs windows and turned on the fan to move a large amount of air.  Jerry and Harold went home and thankfully Paul stayed to help me wash the bed sheets and get them back on the bed before my Mom came home.  If Paul was still there when she got home, she would not think anything of it.  Paul visited me a lot.  And we did a lot.
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Wow, thats an incredible story.