Wine Enema

i have a whole bottle of merlot up my *** right now and i am ****** up!!!!!!!!!!
scatlover2004 scatlover2004
56-60, M
4 Responses May 8, 2012

ya baby !!!! wonderful !!

I love wine enemas !!!!

Thanks for the advise, and you are correct. It does absorb extremely fast and gives you an instant buzz.

Be careful, the colon will absorb the alcohol very fast. I heard of a death through alcohol poisoning with a whole bottle of port as an enema.<br />
I have read advice that you shouldn't use more than 2 8 oz glasses in an enema mix.<br />

they say 50/50 wine water,, would be great if a friend was present,, both enjoy ,,then sex,, mmmmmmm