Mommy Gets An Enema

I've posted earlier about how my young aunt and I had an enema love affair but I was astounded when one day mom came and asked if I wanted to watch her and Aunt Jill give each other enemas so I could learn how. It was in an earlier era when enemas were a common household practice.

We went to her bedroom and mom lay down on her bed on her side. Aunt Jan went into the bathroom and came back with a full enema bottle, and said that she and Mom liked to play a mommy getting an enema as a little girl from her mommy.

They started---" Honey, mommy needs to give you an enema. I'll be as easy and careful as I can but we need to get this into you so it will make you go. I'll put some vaseline on you like this and then comes the nozzle. Here we go". I'm mesmerized as I watch mom's bottom taking the nozzle up inside her. "Does it feel ok there in place honey?" Mom nods ok so Aunt Jan says she's going to start real slowly and clicks open the tubing. "Oh I like being your little girl and feeling your enema going in me. It makes me feel like part of you is becoming part of me--oh yes,yes, I can feel it. I can feel it making my tummy get all big an full" Aunt Jan says "you're doing just fine-- you're being such a good girl for mommy."

They seemed to get caught up in the moment, forgetting that I'm there. "Oh you're being such a good girl taking mommy's enema." "yes mommy keep giving it to me-- I like feeling what it's doing to me--making my tummy get big and full--keep giving it to me all you can". "Yes sweetie, mommy's making it go in you--you like to feel me making it fill you and I know how it feels when you give me an enema-- I love to feel you give me enemas too". " Oh mommy, I can feel it, I love it, keep doing it to me--make me take all of your enema way up inside my bottom--oh yes, yes.

Soon they're done and they go into the bathroom and then Mom is expelling in great gushes and says how good it feels--all tingly and good. "Thanks for giving me such a nice big enema--I'm glad you knew I needed one and made me take it mommy"
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you have my authenticity, support, and respect.

Plus admiration. Can we have more, please, mommy, can we have more.