Mommys Enemas

As you may have seen earlier postings, I grew up in an era when enemas were routine and nudity was taken for granted.Ours was a household of 3 women and me. Mom and Aunt Jan didn't flaunt nor hide their bare bodies during extra hot days for instance.
One day when I was playing in my room, I heard Mom and Aunt Jan talking from down the hall in moms bedroom and as I listened closely It dawned on me that Mom was getting an enema.

Since they were occupied with themselves, I snuck down there and peeked at them. Mom was laying on her side with her bottom toward me in full view. She had broad hips so what I saw most was her big full round bottom. Aunt Jan came in with a bulging water bottle and they said a few things then Aunt Jan slowly lubed Mom and started the nozzle up inside her.

Then she straighten up and opened the clamp. It was picture perfect. It was like the voluptuous bottoms of Greek statues--flawless, alabaster perfection. When Aunt Jan closed the clamp and began to slowly slide the tube out of Moms bottom, I quickly left with a memory that I can dream about to this day.
cnuss445 cnuss445
61-65, M
May 13, 2012