My First Enema

Am 19yrs old and i had never taken an enema. But last week, my aunt came home and asked me to get ready and told me that i had to accompany her to a clinic. From my drawers she gave me the lace panties which i got as gift for my birthday and asked me to wear it, as i did not want to make her mad and to get spanked i wore it under my jeans. We set off for clinic.
We got inside clinic and we sat facing a middle aged lady doctor and a older nurse. Then aunt told doctor that i needed an enema and its my 1st time. I was shocked when i heard that. Without even a small smile she asked nurse to take me to the table to give it to me.
When i reached table nurse asked me to drop pants and boxers!
I feel uncomfortable to get bottomless infront of ordinary woman and when they are serious then the embarrassment is at its maximum level.
And i dropped my jeans and there i was standing infront of her in lace panties, at that moment nurse laughed and told doctor to look at me.
Then aunt and doctor came laughing and doctor told that they were friends and she had decided to stay as serious as possible so make things more embarrassing for me but seeing me in panties made her laugh. Then nurse asked me to drop panties and i dropped it slowly trying to hide penis with my hands. I did not want them to see my penis as its very small. But they did not ask me to move hands and she asked me to lay down in ON BACK WITH LEGS RAISED and i did with still hands over penis. Then nurse wore gloves and applied lubricant and inserted the nozzle. That made me hard(still i did not move my hands) and she let the enema fluid into me, then nurse showed me toilet. Once i finished i felt really comfortable and i walked to the room without covering my penis and i got another enema. This time the nurse came with me to toilet and stayed outside and told me that she understood that i've small penis at the instant she saw me in panties as there was not much bulge, i was so embarrassed when i heard this, and then she told things to make myself comfortable with my small penis and i felt comfortable with that conversation. i finished second expell and i went out
this time i did not try to cover my penis as i was embarrassed with my small penis, atleast infront of her, she greeted me with comforting smile and asked me to always remember things she told me and we went back and i wore clothes and left with empty stomach and confident mind.
Mom has told that she would give me enemas at home atleast twice in a month. :-)
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Does Sebastian give them to you now?

No, he's not into those things

Are you still getting enemas every Sunday?

not every sunday but once in month

Do you feel like that is enough? Didn't she say she would give you enemas at least twice a month?

yes she did so for few months, but later decreased

what a nice aunt to take you for your enema , made me hard for sure listening to your story , hope your mother gives you some punishment enemas as well hon.

My mom gives me enema every sunday but its not of punishment kind

I hope you continue to enjoy your enemas. I have for 63 years.

I think enemas feel wonderful and cleansing. I'm sure the nurse has seen smaller penises. No worries! Nice story!

i had gotten enemeas by mm alot of times embrassing to get it in front of sis<br />
once mom had me in bathroom laying in the tub on my side sh put the nozzle in my butt an ran the water in an my aunt came over she called down im up here given david enema she walk in with her daughter she was 19 i was 7 at time so humilated

No doubt, you did enjoy it though, right?

Please let us know if mom keeps her word.

Yes, i'll :-)

Yes, now she gives me enema every sunday.

Great story indeed. Very interesting that your mom would give you two enemas a month. My fiancee keeps asking me to accept the enema treatment, from her. She even bought two of them-just last week. Hmmm, this must be the next step in our relationship. Cool I guess. She also likes it when I act like a little boy, who needs a good spanking from mommy, with the butt plug in. Afterwards, she enjoys to ********** me until I ****** all over her legs and feet. She then orders me to be a good boy and lick it all up and swallow. Of course I do everything she wants. No problem-honestly I enjoy it alot. The love and bonding part is really cool too! Later on, time for the panties and silk top over my boardshorts and music tee shirt, butt plug and thong sandals. Shopping time and the mall. We start it all over again.

So you are having really great time, hope that this will go on

Continuing Forever

HB; you should let her give you an enema.

The enema is indeed an intimate moment, the fact she's so considerate is a gift to you

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