Regular Enemas

My husband and I live with my Uncle, 'cause he doesn't charge us much rent, and we get to use his "stuff," including his computer -- at no charge.


In addition, I get lots of soapy enemas, here, and my husband even gets a few, although he certainly doesn't enjoy them as much as I do.




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Hi Danielle, are you ok? I haven't seen you online for months now?

My wife will give me a enema, then she will play with me for about 15 minutes while I am sucking on her breast. Then we will make love like no other. Enema's can create real intimate experiences.

My husband and I sometimes will take a short weekend trip out of town to usually a hotel with room service. More times than not, we will give each other enemas and eat light for the whole time. It is a time where we can really connect and share each other without the hassles of work, life, kids, etc. We t ake a chair into the bathroom and sit together holding hands while on the commode. It sounds strange, I know, but we only dress to meet room service and I can't tell you how much we open up to each other while doing this. Sex is wonderful during these times as well. We shave each other and give massages. On the way home we feel great and are a little more ready to face the world. We are planning a trip soon to a nudist resort in California. I expect we will do the enema thing there. Hope they have a sexy bathroom and shower for both of us. Having a bowel movement with your significant other is a great way to get very very close to that person. The little things in life can be truly rewarding if you can just slow down and talk about your thoughts and desires. Be open and things will open up in a relationship that you never dreamed possible. During these times we are almost like one person.

He certainly should enjoy an enema. Surely he is aroused by it.

Does your hubby get his enemas from you or from your uncle? Are your Enemas self administered? Do you get them from uncle or hubby? I would like to know who does what to which and to whom. It all sounds like a recipe for a great time! jimbeauxc

as a long time enema user and lover, i don't think there is an answer to your question. it is the whole experience. it is much nicer if you have a partner of the oppositer sex, but that is not too common any more.

Hi dophilem:)

Enjoyed your post, and since you are fortunate enough to get lots of soapy enemas from a willing partner, I have a question that I hope you will answer :). What is your favorite part of getting an enema?
the Anticipation.
the Insertion.
the Fill-up.
the Expulsion.
the Feeling Afterward.
Having A Member Of The Opposite Sex Administer It.
Something Else.

I posted this question here on EP a while back and got absolutely NO comments :(. I'll tell you my favorite part and why if you answer the question :).

I hope other people who see this post either respond here or go to my polls, as well :).

hey person, you can do the writing yourself

If this question is for me, 'Yes' I do all my own writing :). Do you like?

Hi Stephanie,
glad to meet you. Finally a woman! I would like to share experiences with you.

You never know on the internet!

you are more fortunate than you realize. for you have been introduced to a lifetime of good health, and a multitude of pleasures. don't use so much soap in them and they will be more enjoyable and just as effective. have you shared your enemas with any other person? do you give them to your boyfriend on occasion?----you should. you would both enjoy it. and have him give them to you on a regular basis. if you try this, i would like to know how you enjoy it.

I love a nice warm enema. I would love to share this Experience with someone. Let me know and we can talk.

i completely agree with you on this. i am an older man, and would also love to find a woman who would be willing to share this intimate experience. once she learned the healhful and pleasurable aspects of them, i am sure she would become a lifetime lover of the experience.

I am not interested in giving or receiving enemas to/from females. I love giving and receiving enemas with another man who enjoys them as much as I. This is a special form of intimacy that can't be understood without experiencing it. A couple I once knew would get together in one of their homes monthly. The homeowner would give enemas to his friend. He had full right to decide how many, how big, how long they'd be held, and what equipment would be used. They would finish the day by making love. What a wonderful way to be intimate with someone you deeply care about--making someone dear feel healthy, taken care of, and good.

There is little better than a nice slo warm comfy enema to relax and unwind

Enemas relieve all the pent up frustrations and anxieties of daily living. I envy your husband, Patti....would love to be in his looking for a woman who would be willing to give me an enema

I take a soap enema followed by a olive oil and table salt enema about 2 hours later. I use a nozzell for the soap and a fr-42 36" colon tube with the olive oil, i take 3 qts with the tube all the way in.<br />
There are no cramps with the oil enema but it takes about 3 hrs to completely expel.<br />
the old farmer

I give myself most of my enemas but have a partner and also one woman friend who is a nurse who gives me enemas. I give them to her too. It is a rush to be given an enema because then the responsibility of the water height, filling, massage doesn't fall on me when I'd rather relax when I have my enemas to get full benefit. I love a soapy hot enema (that's from childhood), but also enjoy a coffee enema to retain and baking soda & salt water enema. They're all good for different reasons.

took enemas my whole life. after i reached puberty, they became sexual. what a rush a soapy enema, given by my wife will do. coffee enemas are ok. did not make difference

Count me in as an enema lover. I always connect an enema to diapers as well. I am in a diaper most nights and I will wet it. I don't like to poop in them yet.. I would love to chat.

I have been thinking about enemas alot recently. As a bisexual man who enjoys anal, I would like to be clean for my partners. Only once a long time ago did I try an enema, and it hurt like hell, so never tried again. I am now wondering if I did it wrong. It would be great if an experienced mom could give me one correctly. <br />
Ed in VA

Enemas are awesome. I love a nice soapy one. Has anyone experimented with wine or coffee? I hear they can be mind blowing. I have ********** without touching myself just from being so full.<br />
<br />
If anyone wants to converse about enemas, send me a note!

I use enemas about weekly. In addition to the apparent health benefits, I like the feel, and the bulb catheter I use also helps me sexually (I have MS and it is difficult to have erections). My wife would occasionally help me by inserting the catheter (that was before she became sexless), but I could only persuade her to let me give her one once. After just a little water passed, she immediately ran off to the toilet. I would prefer for us to give each other enemas often, and in the shower using a bedpan, as I think that (together start to finish) helps dissolve inhibitions, which in turn leads to more exciting intimacy, trying new things, and bonding between a couple. Does anyone out there have a marriage where enemas are part of the fun?

I am a single male,I do use enemas.I do not have anyone to give me enemas.I am searching for a lady to give and receive enemas with.

dj,<br />
<br />
I am the Mom in our family, and therefore, I give all the enemas, including to my husband (whenever "I" feel he needs one or more of them). When I give him his enema(s), it's always without notice, other than he should come into the bathroom and lay down over my lap, so that I can use our trusty, family bulb enema syringe.<br />
<br />
Do you use enemas, and are you male or female? Do you have anyone to give you your enemas?<br />
<br />

Hello Stephanie,

I am a male, and I LOVE enemas when I can have a woman gently give me one or more. I am physically unable to give to myself

Hello Stephanie,tell me more about your enemas.Who gives them to you,what equipment is used,do you enjoy them?Also when your husband has an enema,do you give it to him,if so,what is is reaction?