First Enema Experience

A lot of people who love enemas appear to have been introduced to them in childhood but my introduction occurred when I became an adult and was living in my own place. No, my early childhood was spent at the hands of a mother whose remedy for constipated little boys was glycerin suppositories!

I think it was those rectal treatments (which I absolutely loathed and fought bitterly) that got me so interested in enemas. To me an enema would be an even more devastating ordeal for a child to undergo and so I began a constant craving to experience one for myself, just to see what it was like. This feeling only intensified when I heard detailed stories from friends at school who had received them and hated them.

When I grew up and moved into my own place my opportunity finally came to do something that I had thought about for so very long but would never have dared to have done when I lived at home for fear of being discovered. I went out and purchased an enema bag, hose, nozzle and vaseline. I will always remember the excitement I felt on my way back to my apartment and thought about how I was going to do it.

To cut a long story short I ended up on my back, naked, on a towel on the bathroom floor with my legs raised so that my feet were just over the edge of the tub. The bag, brimming with warm soapy water was hanging on a hook by the shower, attached to the hose which had a very well vaselined nozzle at the end. In anticipation of the pain but then ultimately the erotic pleasure I expected to receive from my soapy water injection I even had one of my girlfriend’s silky slips in my hand to massage my **** with when the moment came.

I was almost trembling with excitement and as stiff as a board as I carefully slid that nozzle home. It took some time for me to do this. The last time something went up my butt I was back on my mom’s bed, crying, and trying desperately to resist the insertion of a well vaselined suppository. All those memories were now being re-lived but with intense pleasure now.

A totally new experience was about to start as I loosened the clip and let the water flow. It was a sudden surging soon followed by intense cramping. I shut off the flow and when it subsided I started again. This time it didn’t seem nearly as bad as I massaged my stomach to move everything around. As the bag slowly began to empty I knew then that I could take the rest of its contents and began to really concentrate on all the other sensations I was feeling as my insides filled.

I experienced a journey back in time as memories of those dreadful ordeals on my mom’s bed came flooding back. The struggling and the crying out. Maybe it was the pressure on my prostate but it was indescribable pleasure. By now my **** was almost aching with stiffness. I quickly grabbed the slip and steadily worked the soft silky material up and down my #### at an ever increasing rate . Even though the pressure of the soapy water inside me was now almost unbearable, mentally, I was in total heaven. I felt a tidal wave of sheer ecstasy surging up from my b***s and along my **** and ended up shouting out words of protest from my childhood ordeals like “Take it out!” and “No, no, I don’t want it!” as I shot my load.

All I had to do was clean everything up but not before I ran to the toilet just in time and exploded everything that was in my insides into it. I really felt quite weak after that but very satisfied at the same time to have experienced an enema. It was actually, in a way, everything I thought it would be and more.
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I like this, I will certainly try soon, I believe that the feeling is phenomenal

Please add me as your friend. I am sure we can share enema stories.

And how long before you gave yourself another enema??

Believe it or not, that was the only one I ever did. My curiosity was satisfied and I have a very fertile imagination to make up for it. If I had got them in childhood it would probably have been a different story because of the memory component..

Now, that surprises me. Usually, once a man experiences the joy of a good enema, done well by the administrator, who knows what he is doing; the receiver is hooked for life and wants to enjoy another enema as soon as possible. I have given many guys their first enema and always have them come back for more and more.