Looking For Assist

I have searched everywhere. I am looking for a nurse or someone experienced to come to my home on a regular basis to administer me am enem series. I have given them to mysf many times, but it's harder and I can't relax as much and submit to the enema. I also need some encouragement to hold it longer. I want to feel comfortable taking the enema naked and I need someone e who doesn't mind that. I so enjoy rect massage before and after as it helps with getting good results. If anyone knows where I can find someone to assist me I would appreciate it.
Dianaabc Dianaabc
1 Response Sep 14, 2012

It's not hard; however, you'll have to reconcile yourself with the fact that many people have a very strong erotic experience when giving them. If you can handle that, you can find someone easily. You should give your location (town is good enough); there are probably a dozen people near you who would enjoy doing this for you (I love to give them, for example, and have given hundreds, if not thousands).