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Watching My Mom Take An Enema

When I was a youngster my mom took enemas for all types of ailments. She also gave them to my siblings and I for all types of sickness ranging from colds to slugishness. They were the first line of defense for family illness. If dad ever got or took one I was not aware of it. After we got a bathroom, about 1947 or 1948, mom had my older brother drive a nail into the wall about a foot to the right if you were sitting on the commode and two and a half feet above the back of it. On this nail hung the red two quart Enema/Douche combo bag. The hose was drapped back over the nail and the black nozzle was placed in the top of the bag. Most of the time the nozzle was the enema one. The douche nozzle was kept in a glass jar on the bathroom counter when it was not in use. I was only about 4-5 years old and mom tried to keep me fairly close to her so that I would not get into things which might harm me. She would tell my brother and sister to keep an eye on me because she had to be in the bathroom for a little while. The bathroom door would be partially ajar so that she could hear and see out of it. She removed the bag from the hook, filled it with warm water from the basin, and closed the clip after bleeding the air from the hose. Upon returning to the commode she would deposit the bag on the nail and hook the clip over it. She removed her clothes and placed them aside. There was a countertop by the commode upon which sat a large jar of vaseline. She removed the top and placed it within her reach from the commode. Mom sat down on the commode, got the nozzle tipped hose, dipped her finger in the vaseline, lubed the nozzle, reached between the commode seat and her bottom and moaned softly as she greased her waiting anus. She leaned forward, her ripe **** hung down and swayed. Placing the enema nozzle in her rectum she again let out a small groan. With her free hand she located and squeezed the clip. Click, almost immediately another groan escaped her as the water began to fill her belly. Several minutes elapsed during which the red bag went from bloated to flat and empty. Mom's belly was swelled out by the time the bag was flat. She stood, looked at her full belly in the mirror and rubbed it with both hands with her fingers extended and spread apart. After she sat back down on the commode, I began to hear water trickle, more moaning, splashes the commode flushed a lot.......jimbeauxc
jimbeauxc jimbeauxc 66-70, M 2 Responses Oct 20, 2012

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Only watch one enema given , that was my girlfriend and she was stopprd up,
I didn't know how to give an enema at that time but a neighbor of mine did. I was asked by my gf to stay and the neighbor thought it would be OK. I believe it took two bags to unstop her and then she got relief.

Both my sister and I got enemas a kids, they were mostly given by our mom, but sometimes dad would give them. Dad mostly gave enemas to my sister, as it took a spanking to get her settled dow. After enemas the bag and hose was hung to dry in the bathtub. There were mant a morning I would fing the bag drying, knowing me or my sister didn't get an enema, it must have been Mom or Dad. I was always curious who it was that got the enemas.
Several times I would see the big black douche nozzle attached to the hose. It was amazing to see this thick and long nozzle. I secretly wanted it. I asked my Mom about it and she said it was for a deep enema.
I have to admit that I actually enjoyed the enemas, my sister was the opposite, she hated them. We got enemas about once a month, usually on Saturdays. One time, I even went so far one time as to say to my Mom that I thought I needed a deep enema. She just ignored me and used the normal enema nozzle. This denial caused me to sneek the bag out when no one was home and I started giving myself enemas using the big fat douche nozzle. I liked the way it felt going in. I gave myself enemas any time I could. I started getting hard on's at about age 7. I asked Mom about that too and she said it was from the water pressure.
I needed surgery and Mom was told to give me enemas till clear. She told me to tell her when I just saw water coming out. My little penis was obviouslyy hard, she saw it as I ran back to the bedroom for another enema. I liked what was happening having one enema after the other so I lied and said it wasn't clear yet. She filled the fourth bag and filled me up, this time she inspected the toilet bowl, and saw I had been lying to her. She was furious and gave me an intense spanking and was sent to bed. When Dad got home he heard about my lying and I got a belt spanking from him.

I saw my mom take many Enemas. Some when I was young but also some when I was a teenager. She was pretty careful about not showing her bottom but she didn't care if I saw her breasts. I've seen women haul their breasts out in church and feed the baby. Times have changed!

We got belt spankings from dad too. Mom would spank us with a switch which we had to select and cut from a bush in the yard. If you picked one that was too small and not sturdy enough she would break it on your bottom and make you select a good one...