Enema Not A Choice

My store with enema's is probably different than most. I have had enema's my whole life. When I had spinal meningitis one thing it left me is an abnormal pooper. My mother gave me enemas from the bulbs to bags. My grandmother also gave me a few. When I was old enough I did it myself, but my mother would ask me all of the time who things were going. This is something that I have done my whole life.

Sometimes I take 2 a day, like today. Ate too much for lunch. I also take the colon tube type once a month. I can't explain the feeling of having a great enema. The only thing I regret is the option. When I was young even on scout camps etc., I had to pack away a enema.

My wife is not into enema's but she is supportive and will help when needed. Sometimes she will even let me give her one. That is a intimate feeling.

I have read lots of information of people saying that they are not good for you, I am 51 years old and I have never been sick. Go figure. Then you also have the security that you don't have to excuse you to use the restroom at work, traveling, eating out, and those disgusting toilets at the stores. So I guess it has it's benefit.

I have been to the hospital a few times, and each night's stay included a enema in the morning. I would always fill out their paperwork and explain I want a 2 quart warm enema. I have never been more comfortable about it than with caring nurses.

My doctor keeps it on file for any reason that is needed.

I use mostly a douche tip. That way it won't fall out. I lie down on my back, left or even my right side. Stomach sometimes. I have a hook on my wall above my bed. Yes I take most of them in bed.

I hope this might help some who read this. I would recommend a enema weekly. I am also incontinent. So I wear diapers. No I don't expel in them, that would be over baring for me. Once I did in the hospital, I was so embarrassed about the mess and the smell, my they just took care of me like no other.
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Great story and the honesty shows through. I like mine laying in the bed, alsol.