How It Happened For Me And Thank You Mom.

Well, I was a naive sort of guy until mom gave me the nasty red bulb because, well, because she wanted to. I've never ben blocked or constipated in my life but she needed to assert her RN training I suppose. Or any way she did them to me. She never showed any erotic interest and neither did I but annoying as her enemas were to me there came a day when BINGO, they had the erotic thrust for me. I never knew if that was her intent but WOW, that was NICE! So I snuck her stuff and did myself frequently. Did she know? I never knew. Too late now and it is not important. Yet I still have the enema lust. Any lusty mature woman can have her way with me if she has the black, curved, douche nozzle to slip in and would coax me to have her hot soapy enema.
bobfrenson bobfrenson
1 Response Nov 27, 2012

Nice story but I'd like to hear some details! What kind of Enema rig? How often did she give them to you?Did she ever take them? Exactly what caused the erotic response? Did she display any Erotic behavior? How was she dressed? What did she say? Were these recurring events?