Missed Opportunities

I was dating this girl and we were both trying out things from our fantasies. In our shared sex lives. One day we were walking to the car together and she asked me if I had ever played around with or tried to incorporate Enemas into my sex life. I said,”Lord no I got them when I was a kid but they were not sexy to me.”(To myself I thought, “What a lie, that is a lot kinkier than I am!”.) I asked her if she had ever done that and she said she had once had an affair with another woman,(that blew my mind) and they had done some Enema things that were pretty good. She said,”Think about it, it you ever change your mind and decide you'd like to try it let me know”. Like a dummy I did not say anything in return and that's where we left the invitation. Not long after that we stopped dating

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your big loss

should have thougt a little faster probably missed some good times

What a shame to miss all that fun. I hope you made up for that later.

You know as well as I do that you can't make up sex. You either do it or miss it.

What I meant was that I hope you engaged in a lot of enema sex heavily .

Only solo

Works for me.

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