New Enema Kit Part 2

Well it been a week so thought I would try again to see if I was any better. So got a nice shower going and filled my enema bottel full of warm water and hopped in the shower and got a nice and wet. Next insert tip in my bum and felt a lovey sensation of warm water fill my rectum, it felt yummy! So time to let go, ahahah Much better only a littel light brown boop fell out. So this time filled my recum FULL of warm water and it felt WONDERFULL! So time to let go and I saw my self ******* out my ******* and loving it. More light brown poop came out...So fill me up again. This time I put so much water in me I had all I could do to hold it in. Held for as long as I could and then out came the water and it was nice and clean.

I must say I am enjoy this enema kit for two reasons: one it keeps my insides clean and I feel much better. Second is the wouderfull feelling I get when I do this, I just love the felling of warm water filling my rectum it is just wonderfull.

The only down side is I think I fill my rectum up to much because I have to wear a panty shield in my panties for awhile because I leak a littel water all morning. Oh well the price I pay for some water fun.
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2 Responses Jan 11, 2013

I love wearing panty liners in my panties and girdle.
What type and brand of enema do you use?I have a hard time finding the right one.I love them also girl....
Louise CD

Thanks for the tip.
Louise CD

Nice story. Trying giving yourself a stomach massage while you lie down before you get dressed. It usually gets the last little bit out. ;)