3 Qt Enema

I did a very nice 3 qt enema the other day, using a pump and a baking soda solution. I took a nice warm bath, relaxed as the water lifted me, and started pumping the baking soda solution into me slowly but constantly.

I rolled on my side after about a quart was in, then on my belly for the last quart. I held it in for almost 20 minutes. The cramps were not too bad and it was very pleasurable - the pressure of the water on my prostate made me very hard! I *********** until I came and then went to the toilet to expel. Definitely one of my more pleasurable recent enema experiences!
happy110 happy110
36-40, M
2 Responses Jan 18, 2013

Started on my own, of all things. Never had any family experiences, just knew I was anal erotic. Figured out how to do them on my own about 25 yrs ago....

Sounds like you really enjoy enemas. How did you get started?