I Still Remember My Very First Enema!!!!

It was on the day of my sixth birthday, my mom had baked for me my all-time favorite kind of a cake --- Chocolate. However, she informed me that I had to take an enema first [I'd been sick for a couple of days before this and not used the bathroom for those two days]. I had never even heard of an enema before, but as soon as she told me to take off my clothes and I seen her filling up the yellow colored fountain syringe with the long white hose and the little white enema nossle and made me lay down on a towel on the bathroom floor I started crying profusely. Back then, I was naturally very small --- she made me take in two halves of an enema(in between the forced bowl movements). I guess that you could say that over the years after that unplesant day that I became addicted to enemas...hell at one time; like 13 years ago that I'd achieved the no-easy marvel of being able to take in two 2 quart enemas. But now, I'm just back down to at the most 2 gallons.
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I love a good, well given by a caring man, enema. Take your time and let the feelings build; there is no need to hurry. Lets both enjoy the enema and the fun afterward.