Ultimate Intimacy

It began for me as sexual explorations into my mothers toiletries after I had already discovered my fascination for lingerie and the incredible feelings I experienced when I would wear them.
Finding the box containing the ''Faultless Goodhealth Fountain Style Personal Douche and Enema System'' under the bathroom sink along with her bath accessories I was intrigued by the use of the bright red bag with its fluted white hose and nozzles........oh the nozzles!!!!!
The big red bag felt incredible as I hung it on the shower rod after filling it with warm water. I wondered what would happen as I sat on the toilet and pushed the nozzle into my anus for the first time. After clicking open the metal valve and the feeling of being filled by the warm liquid I was instantly hooked.
I have been doing enemas for well over 40 yrs. Always an intricate part of my crossdressing. Over the years I have experimented with many different solutions and preparations. Calgon, Caress and more.....even Ivory soap bars dissolved in warm water.
Now an enema is part of my everyday shower routine through the use of a hose connected directly to the shower outlet.
I sometimes miss the sight of the bulging red bag as it hung or the snap of the valve as I released the warm liquid into my rectum but I assure you the feelings of ultimate intimacy are still very real and I wouldn't trade them for anything.
wetqueen wetqueen
1 Response Apr 2, 2013

How old were you when you took that first enema? Have you had an enema partner?