Pre-flight Enema

Everyone's colon is different and has a different reaction to an enema. I find that after a 2 quart or more enema I normally don't have a BM for 24 hours or more. Under stress my colon can either shut down leaving me constipated or go crazy giving me many races to the bathroom.

I normally pick flights that leave early in the morning so that I can arrive at my destination and be in a hotel by the end of the day. Thus with the extra stress and rush my colon can get neglected and suddenly take control at a very awkward time.

I now after I have finished packing for an early flight the next morning end the day with a two quart plus enema. Many times I am not relaxed enough to accept over two quarts with the first fill so after expelling that I refill with the necessary 2 quarts plus to guarantee an empty colon. This allows me to get up the next morning and rush off with out worrying about my colon. I eat little during the flight day and don't have a BM normally until the morning after I have arrived at the destination. I also wear a condom catheter and leg bag while flying so have no bathroom stops that day. This can really relieve stress when running through an airport trying to catch a connecting flight with little time.
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Very interesting! I've known some flight attendants who take enemas before and after flights. Before flight for bowel control. After fight for sexual fun

No metal involved. So far no pat down and no problem.

ever have any problem getting through airport security wearing the cath? i'd think they'd want to have a look!