Enama Given By Mother In Law

This story is about an enema I received from my Mother in Law. It was not one I enjoyed at all.
It began when my wife an I were visiting from out of town. i was not feeling good, and complained that my stomach was hurting. My Mother in Law said what I probably needed was a good enema. I tried to ignore her, and said I would be fine. ( I did not particularly like her to begin with) I was married for about a year and a half at the time. A little later my wife went with her Dad to the store, and I was home with my Mother in Law. She said I think I can make you feel better, and I am going to in a few minutes. I said no, I'll be fine. My Mother in Law was very domineering, and she wouldn't ignore it. In a few minutes, I heard her in the bathroom, and she called me to get in there. I said I didn't want to, and she said something like if I knew what was good for me, I would get into the bathroom. She told me to undress, and take my clothes off. I was embarrassed and didn't want to be naked in front of her. She sensed this, and said she wouldn't see anything she hadn't seen before having had 3 boys. As I said she was domineering and My protests were to no avail. She told me to lay on the floor on my side. She then started putting vaseline on her finger and put it up my but. I could see in the mirror that she had a very full enema bag in the sink, and on the counter next to it was a belt. She said she had found from experience that the belt was to be used if I didn't hold still till she was finished. I was sure she wouldn't hesitate to use it, from what I had been told. She put vaseline on the enema tube and stuck it up my ... . she started giving me the enema, and when I complained of cramps, she slowed it for a minute, but just kept giving it to me. She didn't stop till the bag was empty of all the soapy water. Finally, she let me get up, and releive myself.
This was one of the worst enemas I had ever had.
She never said a word, when my wife got back home, and never mentioned it again.
But I sure didn't want to experience it a second time.
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Addendum: Did she give your wife enemas? In past or recent? Seems experienced.
Was it a Fountain Syringe or Combination one? New or vintage?


Lucky guy. Wish it were me. Since you mentioned it here, try to pull it again when
Dad in not there. How long ago? Does she do this to Dad.?
If near MD/PA I'd be game thou have a friend. What does she look like?

Too bad! That could have been a wonderful experience. Do you like them better now?

It was not a wonderful experience. Particularly because I didn't like her, too domineering.

My late mother-in-law was not domineering. Had a BF Goodrich Crusader
Red Rubber Fountain Syringe in the hall closet! My wife mentioned her
using once for self enema. When no one was around, took scissors
and cut an inch off each end of the rubber hose as souvenir, put them in a bag of black nozzles. I have found on the Net, 3 or 4 collections of
black pipes from the past, one was in the back of old chest of drawers.
Wish they could talk or tell a story. Another was found by privy diggers
behind a girl's boarding school in Missouri. More black enema than douche pipes. One privy (outhouse) digger in Baltimore has dug in over 1500 from Virginia to NY! Looking for old bottles.

pappap61, tell us more about your mother-in-law, if want to. And what
you remember on this subject. I have told alot of my "secret life" here.

I'm not sure if this is the correct forum but since you asked. I had not realized how domineering she was till after I was married. She had everybody , her husband and all 5 children afraid of her. I found out she would spank them with a belt, board, heavy ruler,kitchen turner, even a baseball bat. You didn't cross her, or tell her no. I found out she made my wife's wedding day miserable. I learned if she said something, you better do it. She is dead now, and has been for some time. My father in law was a different person after her death. She made our life miserable, when we bought our first home, and when we had our children. I have to be honest, she never was terrible with me, but very much so with my wife and her own children.

Thanks for comment. My late wife, marriage was as good as any .
After son and daughter were grown she turned on me, when we
argued, threatened to call the Police. We talked about divorce,
she wanted 1/2 of everything. I gave up and found 2 girlfriends
at different times. She has passed on, cancer and cigs did it to
her. My daughter said : she nagged me? I worked and she stayed
home and raised the kids. Was home every night.
She had 5 "head" doctors over the yrs.
I have a group else where on the Net, Enema Moms, 200+ members.
Also there is a group there: Enema from a Mother-in-Law, reason I asked.

Addendum: Your Mother-in-Law may have been the way she was after
raising 3 boys and not a daughter. That makes some sense.

Let me know where to find the other groups.

Can we mention other sites here? Or contact me, I guess Profile?

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