Giving Enemas And Receiving Them From Women/Woman For Health & Pleasure. Giving Women Brutal Enemas Into Pain With Cramps.

I Love Enemas giving and receiving Enemas from Women/Woman for Health & Pleasure. I am a Dominant Man also and Love to treat Women to Brutal Enemas if she/her is up into pain with cramps. I am looking for Women/Woman from my region of Pittsburgh Penna. area or who travel there on Business or who visit Family, to enjoy the the Health & Pleasures of giving and receiving Enemas or If a Woman wants Brutal Enemas I am willing to accommodate their Desire and Kink also.

I'm also into The BDSM DD HoH TiH Lifestyles and looking for Women who are submissive looking for a Dominant Man to play with them with the goal of finding a Lady who is willing to offer herself up to me willingly freely blissfully as her Owner & Master and she as My Lover/Wife/Property/Pet and Mother to Children that she desires and wants as I want at the age I am before it is to late for me.

I'm very lonely I am so very spent tired of being Distaff-less in life I need that special Lady to be A Sub/Slave/Pet/ to me to play with and share life with and I'm just not meeting any Women who'd Love to have me as her Dominant/Master/Man that I am that she wants. No Longer do I want the enjoyment and pleasures of Fetishes & Kinks by proxy through others viewed on websites I want very much someone to participate in life and not to be a spectator of life. I just do not want to Stop To Smell The Roses but live life go out to smell them with someone by my side to smell them too. Life a life of Journey and Adventure together. "Experience our own Project" explore and experiment new ideas and new vistas and new horizons.

I am a Dominant Man but as well I am a Gentleman or at I least try to live up be one of achievement, not schooled with good manners but well mannered I am, I may not be one of a good culture not one of breeding or not from a well privileged back ground but I want to be seen and respected as that a Gentleman with a Good Character and Grace. I am not a knuckle dragging lout or oaf I want to earn my Knightly Spurs my valued worth as a "Bad-Boy" yes the kind Women wants craves and has respect and lust for. Men & Other Women can respect and call me a Good Friend and Brother. Submissive Women/Woman will want me for their Dominant and/or a Lady wants me to be her Master & Owner. I am not accustom to aggressively laying my hands on a Woman unless warmly welcomed desired and wanted, embraced with understanding appreciation. I am a Man of my own Gallantry with my own sense of Chivalry and Strong Honor and Integrity.

I welcome any Comments would rather prefer a Personal Message from Women who are interested or any Men willing to offer me any Help I appreciate their Input too. I am also a Member of Fetlife I go by My Nickname Wolfman_Jack there if anyone here is a Member of Fetlife Please look me up and message me.

I Am  Honest And Sexually A Straight "Arrow" as the Avatar as I use here right to "The Point"!  >----------)->

HunterJack HunterJack
56-60, M
Oct 24, 2013