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i have been getting enemas since i was a toddler. my mom believed it was good for you to get a weekly enema. she gave me enemas until i was 11 or 12. after that i started on my own at 15 or 16. soon i was doing 2 or3 per week. since im Bi and my wife knew this from before we where married, i told her about likeing enemas. since then she administers the saturday one right after we get up in the morning. she uses a little ivory and a cup of cooking oil to a quart bag. i have to take the whole thing. she rinses with two more with warm water. the rest of the week i do my own or sometimes she does it. enemas make me feel good and of course cleans me out for sex

mielcaliente mielcaliente
61-65, M
Feb 23, 2009