I Love Enemas

I too grew up with a mom who was always giving me enemas, I got them once a week usually on saturday nights before bedtime, I remember it being one of my biggest fears because I would scream and cry during the whole procedure.

As I got older around 10 I started to like how they made me feel and they would give me errections but then I always would get embarrassed because I am sure mom could see. I then soon started giving myself enemas and I actually orgasmed while holding it in and I have always dreamed about meeting other females who were into them but I have had no such like.

I guess I am ashamed to say that at my age I often still take an enema and think about all those times mom gave them to me and how I resisted it and would cry and I always ********** while taking it. I hope to meet other females who enjoy taking an enema and have had simular experiences as I did while growing up.

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It amazes me how little reading skills some like Electrose display.<br />
"I have never found a female who would share my passion...".<br />
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That means, I (male) have never found a female who would share my passion.<br />
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Get a life and a big soapy brain enema, douchebag.

You say that you wish to find other females who share your passion, yet your bio states that you are a male. Am I missing something here?<br />
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Enemas were a part of my upbringing although not as much as the writer. The red open top syringe was always available and used PRN. Mom is an RN and a good soapy enema was a quick solution to my problem. At puberty, I began to self administer and enjoy it today. I have never found a female who would share my passion, but I would love to discuss with one. Thanks for listening.

Although I am male, I have a good lady friend, who like you, is very much into enemas. she too hated them when she was growing up , but now lvoes taking them for the erotic feelings they impart.<br />
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In this regard, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Sexual role playing is a healthy aspect of adult sexuality. <br />
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I hope you find a female who can halp live out your fantasies.