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I need enemas and sometimes it interfers with my life.  I like to take a series and the enema treatment can take four hours.  When I need my enemas sometimes I have to cancel all my appointments for half a day. I wonder if anyone else is plagued with needing enemas even more than showing up for work?  I am so addicted to my enemas.

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Patty: I, too, agree that enemas take time. But, they feel so good and the enjoyment that I receive from the procedure is beyond belief. Mom started me off at a young age and I fell totally in love with them early in life. I often lied to Mom telling her that I could not go to the bathroom just to get her to give me one. Even when she gave me Castoria, I would find a way to poop and not have her find out... At the age of 12 I bought my first enema bag, a Tyson fountain syringe, that I kept in Mom's bathroom behind the asbestos board next to the space heater. I rolled it up so that it would fit snuggly back there and I was dumb enough to think Mom didn't know. I try and take at least one enema every day and my love them has not dwindled one bit. I can hardly wait to get home and take one. I am totally addicted to them and will be for the rest of my life. I truly l love the electric feeling that enemas give me as I fill.

I agree, it can take a good 4 to 5 hours to enjoy a good series of enemas but it sure feels great afterwards. I like to use different solutions sometimes, everything from water and milk to coffee, tea and even wine once in a while.

Is this a physical need or a psychological need?

I take 2 days a week Monday. And Thursday do coffee enemas and relax while using 2 - 3 in a row yes relaxing . I know how you feel

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I too, enjoy taking/receiving enemas. In the early 60's, while still in school, I discovered that I was thinking about enemas when situations warranted otherwise. Yes by definition, enemas take quite a bit of time, as a result, I schedule my times when I am not working or otherwise will not have the required amount of time. Thereby allowing me to lay back and freely relax and enjoy one long & slow uninterrupted fill with all of it's benefits.<br />
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Yes, doing it that way is time consuming, requiring that I do not do this as often as I would very much like. Yet, from the 70's to the present, I find that it is much more preferable to a rushed, hassle filled unsatisfactory experience. When I schedule my "personal time" it is so much more gratifying. Over the years periodically there have been women who are willing to participate in the process, when they happen I enjoy them immensely, those times are no where as frequent as desired, so I don't hesitate to enjoy a nice enema on my own. you are not alone in this.<br />
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I am looking for a male enemate in the Atlanta area someone who enjoys the erotic pleasure of a male giving him a nice warm enema and also medical play. If this is of interest to you get back to me.

Health Clubs Giving Enemas..? Was This In Road To Wellness......movie some time ago..anthony hopkins was dr kellog..doing "high colonics" for health...

Enema loving is a fetish, but that's not a bad thing in itself. Acknowledge that it's something that gives you pleasure, and find a level of the activity that allows you to enjoy but doesn't interfere with the rest of your life. Perhaps finding a partner of the same interest would solve a lot of this discomfort you seem to feel.

Yes, I'd like to know about the health club that gives enemas too. I love giving them and getting them both.....also sex while giving them can be really enjoyable too.....never does the water go so deep.

How did you choose the name "Electrose", what does it symbolize? Yes this enema thing must be a fetish as it can disrupt straight life that needs as much attention as this delight. I'm glad our paths crossed too.

Patty, I understand yoiur need completely and sympathize with the ambivelant feelings that arise when that part of you deep inside your soul yearns for fulmillment while your rational mind fills you with guilt for ignoring the tasks at hand. <br />
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I too have periods where nothing but a long 4 hour session will suffice. ....Oh...I start out telling myself I'll stop at just one filling....Yet, hours later...there I am..lying on the bathroom floor straining to hold my fourth or fifth bag enema.<br />
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We are kindred souls in that regard. I'm glad our paths crossed here.<br />
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There is a little thing called ‘need for satisfaction’. Your friend can not let this go unaddressed. I have the feeling inside sometimes that will not so away without some attention, an ******. Yes, I think it occurs. If you would like, we will address this another time. This is enemas are addictive. <br />
It was for years I had to work, others depended on me and the mortgage had to be paid. I could only have a little pleasure now and then. Then there was prostate cancer. And it was about 5-6 months I did with out. And to say the least didn’t feel like is. That surgery knocked out my 21day adventure on route 66. Now you could say that ‘back door water sports’ is my favorite thing. (outside the gym workouts and hobbies)