Chinese Boys and Enemas

I taught English in China. I would have certain boys come to my house. We would shower together. The shower was a long plastic hose attached to the hot weater tank and had a regular shower head on it. I would unscrew the shower head and stick the tube up my ***. There was a large drain hole in the floor and I took as much water as I could and then let it come out and go down the drain hole in the floor. It really felt good and I could take a lot of water at what ever temporature I wanted This was the most thorough enema I ever took and I got really cleaned out. I would continue this for as long as I wanted Then the Chinese boy would do the same. They had never had an enema in their life and they never had the experience of warm water going up inside of them. They would have a hard on right from the start and one boy got so arroused that duirng the enema he had an ****** Word got around and sometimes I wouod have five boys at a time.The boys would always jack off either during or after the experience.

Dylan88 Dylan88
1 Response Aug 1, 2009

Neat thing. You are lucky no one complained and got you in trouble with the authorities. There must be hundreds of guys who would have loved to be in that shower with you.